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Hello Good People

Almost two weeks since the hernia op, and I’m beginning to get my bearings again. I had forgotten that I hadn’t had a full-blown operation since I was in my teens, and the two Pacemakers in later life, and which were fitted via local anesthetic. Still, onwards and upwards.

I’m still involved with my second hernia; the time wait on the publishing front. Two counts: ‘ARRIVAL’ and ‘INSANITUS’. The latter, as you know, comes out at the end of this March. As to the former, ‘ARRIVAL’, well that’s still in the melting pot. I still hope to see it published sometime this year. What’s it about? If I forgot to mention it, try The Second Coming.

Well, I continue on my sabbatical, in the wish of things to be.





Hello You Lovely People

Sorry I that I haven’t been in touch for a little while; been in hospital for a hernia op. Just a day job, last Saturday. Out on the Sunday (as I hadn’t arranged to be picked up, so they wouldn’t let me loose on my own). Bit sore and tired, but that was all. Mind you, the bloody plaster pulls at the skin. On that point, this wimp is not a happy wimp.

I signed off the manuscript of my third book last night. The next time I see it, it will be in its published form (end of March, 2019). It took five proof reads. No wonder I was tired. In the end it was like chewing on a chunk of old, “tired” meat!

So, now I’m sitting back for awhile. I will be hoping that come the end of March I will be helping to launch two of my literary efforts; ‘INSANITUS’ (the book) and a Vignette – ‘ARRIVAL’. We shall see.

Hope and trust you are all well and in good spirits. So, up and away: onwards and upwards!!



Hello Good People


Yesterday, I completed the last proof read of my third book to be published come the end of this February. It’s a collection of five horror story novellas. It’s now totally in the hands of my publisher. I just don’t know how their Production people can process a countless number of books each year.

I now sit back and await the next task: resting, and then having a …. hernia op!! No rest for the wicked.


PT to Meet ‘Mack the Knife’!

Hello Good People

Sorry for a somewhat prolonged absence. I have a hernia and, as a result, sooner rather than later, I’ll have a date with the surgeon. There has to be a horror story of some sort in there somewhere!

I have spent the last two days doing one of my least favourite writing jobbies: proof reading my own handiwork; my third book, ‘INSANITUS’. Still, all done and, all things being equal, it will be published at the end of this February.

That’s it. Oh yes, Happy New Year!!


‘INSANITUS’ Revised publication date

Hello You Lovely People

In view of my “crowded schedule” for January (in truth, my pending hernia operation – and stop sniggering at the back!), the Production Manager of AUSTIN MACAULEY, suggests that a FEBRUARY (end of) publication date would make more sense. Also, that it will give Marketing more time to bang the drum pre-publication date on behalf of ‘INSANITUS’.

As Vinh also points out, of itself, January is always on life support as opposed to actually dead, as the UK struggles to get back into working mode, not to mention resuscitate its collective wallet and purse.

All this makes sense, but being the cowardly little shit that I am, I’ve left the ultimate decision to Vinh. Mind you, to placate him, I did offer my hernia to him as a gift: can’t understand why he seems to have declined the offer, by way of mute response!

Thinking back to ‘GEORGE’ and the November release, it didn’t allow much time for the little fella to get traction and take-off. With ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, we thought the Italian Neurosurgeon, Canavaro, was about to perform the world’s first living human brain transplant in the same month the book was published. He didn’t, so we didn’t get a big publication send-off.

With ‘GEORGE’ and this Christmas period, the next sales return may prove more promising. The more so as Janine and Thomas have given the little fella’s butt a good shove. No, NO, the bleedin’ dog’s, not mine!

That’s it. I’m off to nurse my hernia and publication disappointment.


PS: Anybody wanna hernia (going cheap!)?

PPS: If anyone dare suggests a ‘hernia belt’, they’re off my next Christmas list!!


Hello Good People

Please forgive my absence.

Firstly, I was getting my vignette ‘ARRIVAL’ privately printed, after which, last Wednesday, I was taken ill in the street and whisked off to hospital. A hernia. I’ll have an op in January.

‘The first ‘INSANITUS’ book will be published at the end of January 2019. Hopefully, I’ll be around to see the other two published within the next year.

My publisher suggested I give you a taste of a very nice review I got re ‘ARRIVAL’. I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit I was chuffed.

‘The book was an experience I cannot recall having before and exhilarating. Your command of English and the writing captivates the reader. Was in my own ‘time zone’ whilst reading the book (a booklet in reality), which led me to be in the middle of each scene in the book. A mind blowing experience.

Your ‘Epilogue’ is what mankind of our Earth need to understand.’

As stated, of the above, I was/am chuffed.

Take care. Onwards and upwards!



Thought you guys should see this. PT J

From: Pete [mailto:fox.pro@btinternet.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 7:53 AM
To: ‘Thomas Evans’; ‘Janine Hornsby’; ‘Amanda Harrison’; ‘Vinh Tran’
Cc: ‘maria kasapis’; ‘Huw Jeffrey’
Subject: ‘INSANITUS2’

Hello Good People

Just to let you know, ‘INSANITUS2’ will bring my writings to a close. So, that will be four books in all (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, ‘GEORGE’ (good ol’ George!), ‘INSANITUS’ and ‘INSANITUS2’. The Verse Story, ‘ARRIVAL’ is being privately printed. That’ll be it. I will have got out there those writings I wanted out there, and all within five years. Rock on AUSTIN MACAULEY and all therein!



‘ARRIVAL’ closer

Hello Good People

Been a bit busy of late. Apologies.

My story ‘ARRIVAL’ (in verse and prose) is at last in ‘hard’ print-off form via my laptop. Soon it will be sent, via email, to my printer to be, as the term has it, ‘privately printed’. It’s far too small to be a book as such, so not in AUSTIN MACAULEY’s league. However, let’s see what happens. Some 200 to 500 will be with me a few weeks before Easter 2019. It may cause some interest!

For the rest, ‘INSANITUS’ looms. Eek!!


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Hello Good People


As you’ll know, the above is a science faction story about the world’s first attempt at a living human brain transplant. We thought the Italian neurosurgeon, Segio Canavero, was about to do it back in November, 2015; the same time my book was published. Whilst it was, he didn’t. He also moved his circus from Russia to China. So, I thought it was now time again to try and get the whole subject a public airing on TV. I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the days.


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Hello Good People

A little marking of time, as I await the return of my ‘INSANITUS’ manuscript from the publisher, who’s been going through their proof read of same. I then get it back, check for myself once more, then back to them and thence to the printers. Bit like a literary game of tennis, really. Mind you, they are good, shield me from making a total ass of myself re grammar and stuff.

There was a chance I’d be at some literary gathering at a library, along with other authors. Due to space restrictions, the library had to pick and choose. I didn’t make the cut. Mind you, not being the youngest or fittest of bunnies, I would have felt a little like Lazarus flogging his tome ‘How I beat the grave’! Mind you, wouldn’t mind talking about writing horror stories …. from my viewpoint.

Also, I’m moving at a tangent to writing at present, of course, what with doing my little bit towards encouraging our little ones to learn the joy (and practical need and use of) WORDS.

If you have kids of your own, or teach them (especially at Primary level), why don’t you try the postcard approach? Get some postcards, give them to your kids, and those you teach and professionally care for, writing little notes on them (the postcards, that is, not the kids!!), and invite them to answer in a like manner and return the postcards to you. Also, for them to do likewise to their little friends. Remember, it’s teaching the little ones about one form of communication – via the written word. Try it, see what happens.

AUSTIN MACAULEY (mainly in the shape of Janine and Thomas) continue to look after me …. and ‘GEORGE’. And ‘INSANITUS’ comes out in November, and sure as Hell itself, ‘GEORGE’ it ain’t!

Well, enjoy your weekend, and end it with a book. Book? Week? End? Geggit!?


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