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Hello Good People

Please forgive my absence.

Firstly, I was getting my vignette ‘ARRIVAL’ privately printed, after which, last Wednesday, I was taken ill in the street and whisked off to hospital. A hernia. I’ll have an op in January.

‘The first ‘INSANITUS’ book will be published at the end of January 2019. Hopefully, I’ll be around to see the other two published within the next year.

My publisher suggested I give you a taste of a very nice review I got re ‘ARRIVAL’. I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit I was chuffed.

‘The book was an experience I cannot recall having before and exhilarating. Your command of English and the writing captivates the reader. Was in my own ‘time zone’ whilst reading the book (a booklet in reality), which led me to be in the middle of each scene in the book. A mind blowing experience.

Your ‘Epilogue’ is what mankind of our Earth need to understand.’

As stated, of the above, I was/am chuffed.

Take care. Onwards and upwards!




Thought you guys should see this. PT J

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Subject: ‘INSANITUS2’

Hello Good People

Just to let you know, ‘INSANITUS2’ will bring my writings to a close. So, that will be four books in all (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, ‘GEORGE’ (good ol’ George!), ‘INSANITUS’ and ‘INSANITUS2’. The Verse Story, ‘ARRIVAL’ is being privately printed. That’ll be it. I will have got out there those writings I wanted out there, and all within five years. Rock on AUSTIN MACAULEY and all therein!



‘ARRIVAL’ closer

Hello Good People

Been a bit busy of late. Apologies.

My story ‘ARRIVAL’ (in verse and prose) is at last in ‘hard’ print-off form via my laptop. Soon it will be sent, via email, to my printer to be, as the term has it, ‘privately printed’. It’s far too small to be a book as such, so not in AUSTIN MACAULEY’s league. However, let’s see what happens. Some 200 to 500 will be with me a few weeks before Easter 2019. It may cause some interest!

For the rest, ‘INSANITUS’ looms. Eek!!


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Hello Good People


As you’ll know, the above is a science faction story about the world’s first attempt at a living human brain transplant. We thought the Italian neurosurgeon, Segio Canavero, was about to do it back in November, 2015; the same time my book was published. Whilst it was, he didn’t. He also moved his circus from Russia to China. So, I thought it was now time again to try and get the whole subject a public airing on TV. I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the days.


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Hello Good People

A little marking of time, as I await the return of my ‘INSANITUS’ manuscript from the publisher, who’s been going through their proof read of same. I then get it back, check for myself once more, then back to them and thence to the printers. Bit like a literary game of tennis, really. Mind you, they are good, shield me from making a total ass of myself re grammar and stuff.

There was a chance I’d be at some literary gathering at a library, along with other authors. Due to space restrictions, the library had to pick and choose. I didn’t make the cut. Mind you, not being the youngest or fittest of bunnies, I would have felt a little like Lazarus flogging his tome ‘How I beat the grave’! Mind you, wouldn’t mind talking about writing horror stories …. from my viewpoint.

Also, I’m moving at a tangent to writing at present, of course, what with doing my little bit towards encouraging our little ones to learn the joy (and practical need and use of) WORDS.

If you have kids of your own, or teach them (especially at Primary level), why don’t you try the postcard approach? Get some postcards, give them to your kids, and those you teach and professionally care for, writing little notes on them (the postcards, that is, not the kids!!), and invite them to answer in a like manner and return the postcards to you. Also, for them to do likewise to their little friends. Remember, it’s teaching the little ones about one form of communication – via the written word. Try it, see what happens.

AUSTIN MACAULEY (mainly in the shape of Janine and Thomas) continue to look after me …. and ‘GEORGE’. And ‘INSANITUS’ comes out in November, and sure as Hell itself, ‘GEORGE’ it ain’t!

Well, enjoy your weekend, and end it with a book. Book? Week? End? Geggit!?


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In the family

Hello Good People

My cousin, Ian, is now an artist in Belgravia. He’s a sculptor, and a damn fine one at that. Something of a poet also. Maybe I should down pen and pick up a chisel. Be afraid. Be very afraid!



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The Child’s Postcard Concept

Hello Good People

Yes, I know, don’t all faint at once. Two posts on the one day!

I’ve mentioned the postcard re children re WORDS: the reading and writing thereof. However, I’ve not explained in detail, so here it is. If you’re a mum, dad, granddad or nan; Head Teacher, teacher, run a nursery or are involved in a Primary school, perhaps this is something you could think of introducing to the little ones.

Get some kind local printing company to print off some postcards for you. The name and emblem of your school, or nursery, club, whatever, and/or some cuddly little creature on the one side, and on the other, the usual postcard lines configuration: two-thirds of this side given over the message text, the last third to accommodate address and a small space for a stamp (so it can be used in its conventional form also).

You then invite the little ones to write little messages to their friends, or parents, nans and granddads or …. their teachers …. and hand the postcard to the person they have chosen to receive the unexpected honour. The recipient can also, if they wish (by way of encouragement) reply in a like manner.

At the heart of all this – WORDS, one of the greatest gifts that a human being can possess. The second principal means of communication after the spoken word. Indeed, for some, the first!

WORDS: Their meanings, the writing and reading of, and how to construct sentences. In a phrase: how to communicate via the written word.

I close with a few verses I wrote for the ‘GEORGE’ bookmarker:


Read to me

Reveal the Gift

For me to learn by

Understand, communicate by.

Read to me

So that I in turn

Can read to others

Pass on the Gift.

Adults all,

Read to the children.

Give a little of your time,

So they can also possess

The Gift


I wrote the above after reading of the Duchess of Cornwall’s article in the Sunday Express, back in April, in which she asked adults to read to their children for at least fifteen minutes a day.

That’s it.



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Hello Good People …… everywhere!

Still Become the Days

Over the last week I have completed another short story (hopefully destined to eventually appear in ‘SANITUS2’), whilst also concluding some business re words – writing – and children, involving Great Ormond Street Hospital and one certain individual in some other quarter.

So, suddenly, the days are now somewhat quieter for little ol’ me. Mind you, soon I shall be in the middle of the delightful chore of proof-reading ‘SANITUS’. Aaarrgghhhh!! L

That’s it, for now.


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Hello Good People

Well, this little ol’ blog site is now linked into the AUSTIN MACAULEY PR system, and the first Press Release involving this link-up went out a few days ago.

The production people at AUSTIN MACAULEY are still ploughing through the manuscript of ‘INSANITUS’, re the proof reading of.

As to the ‘GEORGE’ postcard project, hopefully by this week’s end, things will have moved on a stage.

I’m close to completing the last story for ‘INSANITUS2’ (collection of horror stories), which will also probably be my last such effort. Who cheered at the back, there!!? The last story in it, ‘ETHEREAL’, contains the most extreme killing sequence I’ve ever written. Ohhhh!

Well, I must away to continue my literary labours. Yeah, right!

Take care, will post again soon.*



* See how I’m getting into the I.T. social media type lingo?

Hello, my lovely AUSTIN MACAULEY media Team!

Thoughts for the day

Hello Good People


I’m marking time at the moment, waiting for a few things to happen. Such being so, I thought I should post a little something on the site. Also, this time around, the Marketing Team at my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, might take a look see, as this site is now being linked into their Press Release set-up. ‘We have the technology’, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’, etc.

Here we go.


The Duchess of Cornwall, back in April of this year, in a National Sunday newspaper, asked adults to read to their children for at least fifteen minutes a day. A few things happened as a result from my side. One, the idea of children using postcards to write little notes to their little friends, either handing the notes over or posting them. We, myself and AUSTIN MACAULEY, have put together a ‘GEORGE’ postcard (from the little dog character from my book of that name). The bottom line of this approach simply being another way of teaching children one of the greatest gifts they shall ever have; what any child will have, no matter what the language. To teach the little ones communication via the WRITTEN word. What words mean, how to chose them, construct a sentence (‘thoughts in words’). WORDS: one of the DNA strands of human communication. For the little ones, just FUN! I’ll let you know how it pans out.

A & B

If you stood A alongside B, then took A’s brain and put it in B, and B’s brain into A, which then would be A and which then would be B?

Where be the soul?

Where might our soul be located within our body? The gonads? Let’s not go there! The heart? Bernard proved to the world that the heart was but a wondrous pump. So, what about the brain (my vote)? If so, in transplanting a living human brain, would the neurosurgeon not also be transferring the soul from one human being and into another? Now THAT would be playing God! (See my book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’).

How many beings within a HUMAN being?

In literature, we’ve had Jekyll and Hyde.

In theatre and on film, the actor in his/her professional life is many beings within his/her single being.

In Medicine, there is the tragic condition known as ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’.

And the first such ‘separation’ on record?

Dare I suggest the Holy Trinity?

Right, on that controversial note, TTFN!*


* It means ‘Ta Ta for now’ (the late Jimmy Young).

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