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Hello Amazon-Kindle users …. ‘The BoCheK Tales’ have arrived ….

Hello Amazon-Kindle users.  ‘The BoCheK Tales’ have just arrived on, and a lot more are to follow. In this first batch (Series 1), there are 8 ‘Tales’, for less than £1.99.   I have written a few of them very much tongue-in-cheek, and of a certain sort of smutty schoolboy hue. The really dark stuff will arrive in Series 2. In this first series, you have the following: ‘Blow!’ (You’ll never listen to ‘The Post Horn Gallop’ the same way again!); ‘Chopsticks’ (Don’t you just cringe when little kiddies murder the piano playing this, and wish you could do something about it?!); ‘Cowboy’ (Not always good to dream about ‘em); ‘Stuffed’ (There’s more than one place to park a bike!); ‘Van’ (Buying one is one thing, getting rid of it something else again); ‘Nasty’ (No way to treat a little fish); ‘Tube’ (You might think twice about using the Northern Line after this!); ‘Lovebody and Blue’ (Surprising what one might get on the good ol’ NHS!). That’s it. If you do read them, thank you very much. And I take this opportunity to thank Dionne for getting me on Kindle, and doing all the boring ‘technical’ stuff. Bring back the quill pen I say! Take care. William P Thomson. J

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