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All’s well ……..

Thursday, 20th September, 2012

All’s well that ends well

Good ol’ SWMBO. Last night she changed the strapline in my blog site heading and also put in my complete email address. Women, eh? What would we do without ‘em!

Without memory

I’ve been a fat, aged, lazy would-be writer for the last three days. However, today it’s back in the old routine. Radio on, tuned into Classic FM, and tappy-tap on the old laptop keyboard. More than a year ago, when I was going through all my writings, I came across a long story entitled ‘FIRE! The Transubstantiation of Miss Hannah’. Couldn’t remember it, so read it. It wasn’t too bad, but after the read I still couldn’t remember the history of it. It was a story about Haiti, Voodoo and that sort of thing. Within the story, I’d given a brief history of Haiti, and there’s also a bit of French dialogue in the mix ….. and I don’t speak French. Oooooo!! Actually, it’s further proof of an old fart’s fading memory. Even so, I quite like the story, so I’m now putting it back through the grinder and into the Kindle template format. Make things a little easier for SWMBO. Quid pro quo and all that. Hopefully, the story will appear on Kindle sometimenext year.

That’s it. Onwards and upwards.


Thank you

I nearly forgot. Dionne (aka SWMBO!) has been sending through to me details of feedback to my blog site. To all who have been so kind as to respond, my thanks to you all. It stops me sometimes feeling the postings are just being gobbled up in the dark, ne’er to be seen nor read again.


Use it or Lose it

19 September, 2012

Use It or Lose It!

Hello, Good People,

Please feel free to contact me via my email address if you find it easier, faster:


You know what they say – use it or lose it!


Change to my blog site heading

Tuesday, 18 September, 2012

Change to the ‘strapline’ in the heading of my blog site

Hello, Good People.

We’re making a slight change in the heading of my blog site. Under my name, the present ‘strapline’ (an ad term) reads: Author, Certified Hypnotherapist & Counsellor is to be dropped (although it is simply fact), and replaced with: One who would a writer be

The former didn’t really relate to my site, which is almost totally dedicated to my writing efforts and aspirations. The latter, we feel, is far more appropriate.

Also, something that might please you. I have lost the small book of (vanity published) poems, which included my three efforts. It means I will not be able to assail you with the other two. You lucky people!


Correction and Confession!

Tuesday, 18 September, 2012

Correction and Confession!

In my first blog entry (3rd March, ‘Hello Everyone’), I stated I’d been writing for 40 years. More like 50+. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!!

That’s it.


‘Seven Ages’, Willie? A few more than that, methinks!

A Little Poem

Monday, 17 September, 2012

A Little Poem

Hello, good people. Nothing of substance to report at present, so herewith, a sad little effort of a poem I put together many years ago, and had it published (via vanity publishing. That’s to say, I paid to get it in print). Vanity, all is vanity!

The Bomb

In Man the constant fear did dwell,

of a final death so near,

So in his bid to live on,

he did create …. The Bomb.

Under the pretext of self-preservation,

he carried out his deadly preparations,

Until above a button fate did linger,

In the form of …. a finger.

The finger itched,

the finger moved,

The finger pressed,

the world was dead,

Upon the rubble of the world,

the Devil his satanic dance performed.

His final wish had been granted,

Man, from his world, had been blasted.

I think I wrote it in the late 60s, in my belated Hippy phase. Right on, brother!


‘The BoCheK Tales’ Series 1

Sunday, 16 September, 2012

‘The BoCheK Tales’ Series 1

Hello, good people, I told you I’d be back.

The only book I have on Amazon-Kindle at the moment is Series 1 of ‘The BoCheK Tales’. Eight rather weird, tongue-in-cheek, sometimes “naughty” little Tales for your pleasure. Essentially, it’s a fun collection. Series 2 will be of much darker fare.

It has been suggested that I tell you all a little more about each ‘Tale’ in this first Series. I did mention them some months ago, but only a few, and in the most general terms. Here I shall be a little more specific. Here we go:

Tale 1: Blow!

I had this festering in my brain for quite a long time before committing it to paper, some years ago. A fellow had a most unfortunate gift; that of being able to play a post horn, not by way of mouth, but by way of rectum! Also, he could only manage one tune, which was, appropriately, ‘The Post Horn Gallop’!! Alack and Alas, in doing this wondrous thing, much wind and heat was generated, with rather unfortunate results.

Tale 2: Chopsticks.

This sad little ‘Tale’ relates the tragedy that occurred when a would-be-Shirley Temple was given a piano to play with. She only mastered (and that’s an exaggeration) the age-old tune ‘Chop-sticks’. Whilst mother was as pleased as only a mother could be, daddy was not so impressed – after the 100th playing of the said tune. Not to put too fine a point on it, he went quite mad, and the result of that was not exactly nice!

Tale 3: Cowboy.

Father loved cowboys, as did his son. Father loved Gary Cooper, as much as the son hated him. The issue was resolved, after a fashion, in dream. Mother wasn’t best pleased. Mmmmmmmmm!

Tale 4: Stuffed!

This is the ‘Tale’ of a taxidermist who stuffed things ….. anything and everything. He made Norman Bates seem like a Choirboy by comparison.

Tale 5: Van.

I wrote this when an Aussie friend who was working in London told me of a problem she had. She and her friends had bought a second hand “people van”. By the time they’d finished with it, it wasn’t even of value as scrap metal. It had to be all but given away. On hearing this, I came up with a ‘Tale’: Van. Only my little van did not take kindly to someone about to take a hammer and blow torch to it, so sort of, kind of ….. fought back!

Tale 6: Nasty.

Another sad little ‘Tale’ of a father not getting on with his son. The more so as the former was a rough, down-to-earth person, and the latter was into things …… magic. And not just any old magic, but black magic. Into this equation came a sweet little goldfish, whom father christened ‘Nasty’. And that is how the ‘Tale’ itself became …. nasty. Very nasty.

Tale 7: Tube.

Another ‘Tale’ based, in the extreme, on a reality. A friend at work did not like tube trains too much. And the Northern Line, in particular. Such being so, I wrote the ‘Tale’ of a Northern Line tube train that made for a somewhat different, Hellish kind of journey.

Tale 8: ‘Lovebody and Blue’.

The last ‘Tale’ in this first Series is somewhat tongue-in-cheek lewd and blue, if you get my meaning. For some, it will tarnish the reputation of The Cafe le Grande and a world renowned Medical institution. To others, it would elevate them to the Land of Lust for the Gods! More than that I cannot reveal here, as it may give pacemakers pause for thought and truly overload our wonderful and rightly venerated National Health Service. And the Cafe le Grande? It will certainly give one food for thought, and that’s putting it mildly!

Well, I hope that’s titillated your taste buds. Now all you have to do is eat; that’s to say, buy and read, and all for the princely sum of £1.99p.



What you read is what you get – ME!

Sunday, 16 September, 2012


Good evening, good people. I have just had my weekly catch-up call with SWMBO. That’s Dionne; my mentor, advisor and friend.

What she isn’t is my “ghost writer”. The postings you read on this blog site are by me, from me and to YOU. Likewise with my writings. If Dionne wishes to add something in any single posting I do, she will make it clear that it is by her fair hand, and not my aged mitt! It seems some have perhaps doubted the authenticity of my scribbles. What you read is what you get – little ol’ me – for better or worse.

Right, now that’s out of the way, I shall away to prepare another posting, in which I will explain a little something about the ‘Tales’ that appear in my book ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series 1., which is already out there on Amazon-Kindle.

Don’t go away.


(For it is I)

‘BROTHER MIND’, ‘SHADOWMAN’, Albert Camus and I

Sat. 15 Sept. 2012

‘BROTHER MIND’, ‘SHADOWMAN’, Albert Camus and I

And that hoary old chestnut again – the Duality of Man.

Hello, Good People.

Thak you to those who have been complimentary to my scribble about my horror novella ‘SHADOWMAN’. Also, early on Friday evening, I had read another of my short stories (just 35 pages long). It was also horror, only more so, because the sort of person I wrote about is a reality. They really do exist, are out there, and do the things that they do. When (and if) caught, they appear to be ordinary, even mundane. No ‘Hannibal Lecter’ they. And yet, by the look of their eyes, the words they speak and the signature of their crimes, it is quite evident that they are not as we. They inhabit a different place. Their very own, very real Hell on earth, but seldom know it. The story’s entitled ‘BROTHER MIND’. It tells of his crime and the consequence. I don’t name him, give him a history. He is of the moment, as is his crime. He is a schizo-psycho-sociopath. He didn’t ask to be, he simply was. Others can debate if he was formed by nature or nurture.

As to the why of the writing. Well, a long time ago I read a story by Albert Camus, the French existentialist writer and Nobel prize winner. The novel was called ‘The Outsider’. What I loved about it (what I can remember, that is) was the clarity of the story, almost straight through, A to Z. However, there was deviation towards the end. At the time of reading it, I thought to myself ‘I’ll ‘ave some of that!’ One day I will write a story; crystal clear, concise, no deviation. Well, years later I did: ‘BROTHER MIND’. Even so, I have to confess, I did deviate just a little, in the last few pages. In passing, I would suggest, it can only be attempted if one has a “simple” tale to tell.

When will ‘BROTHER MIND’ go on to Kindle? One day. One day.



Friday, 14 September, 2012

Sorry, good people, I got the quote wrong. It’s ….

‘Patience is a virtue. Often sought, but seldom found.’



From: Peter Thomson [mailto:fox.pro@btinternet.com]
Sent: 14 September 2012 16:49
Subject: ‘SHADOWMAN’

Friday, 14 September, 2012


Today I read my copy of ‘SHADOWMAN’. Frances is typing a copy of it, in the required Kindle template. It’s the novella that deals with Man’s duality. It was a gas, as I’d forgotten what I’d done in the last 25% of it. I sort of stopped riding with the hounds and ran with the fox. I turned the approach on its head and, through the characters, slagged off both the author and the style. Quite deliberate, and within the context of the story. I had a ball, as it reminded me of the principal reason why I write; for myself first. Write or wrong (if you’ll forgive the intentionally pun), that has always been the way of it. I hope you get to read my effort on Kindle, sooner rather than later. That’s it. Over and out.


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