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More ‘Picks from the’Prom’

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Carvel stated that, as he saw it, for the ‘Experiment’ to get off the ground, a perfect nap hand was required. The Team, the place, a donor (brain), a Recipient body and …. total secrecy throughout.


‘You cannot write about this remarkable man (Baltimore) without also writing about his equally remarkable company (SOURCE), and the small, dedicated team who looked after his needs, professionally and personally, after his accident. Their love, respect and commitment to him shone through like a beacon of light during his ordeal and what was to follow.’ GAVAERT

‘It’s alive!’

Gavaert’s response when hearing the sounds above his room in the early hours of a new morning, as the Cryogenics system was in operational status, and feeling as though the building itself had become a living thing.



Wednesday, 31 October, 2012


Hello Good People.

It’s just dawned on me that not only is my ‘motivator’ a woman, but also the person typing up the ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ manuscript; Frances. She’s also a spell-check on legs!! And then there are some friends in the book, and others in other writings of mine. So, behind this would-be writer are women. Such being the case, let’s hear it for the women. YEAH!



Tempus fugit/Naughy, naughty!

Tuesday, 30 October, 2012


( 1969 And All That )

Hello, Good People.

Tempus Fugit

I have stated previously that I’ve been involved in Carvel for some 38 years. Forget it. More like 45, since I read Ettinger’s ‘PROSPECTS OF IMMORTALITY’. Very much a case of tempus fugit (as in “Time flees”!!). The moral of this? Be careful what you read!!

Naughty, Naughty!

You’ve heard the old ploy a guy would employ to try and get a lady ‘back to his place’: “Come up and see my etchings!” Well, I wasn’t that cultured. When I was into Carvel, and met a young lady I fancied, I’d tell her …… “I’ll put you in my book!” And I’d do just that. Into ‘The Carvel Experiment’ (as I then titled ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’). In the context of the story back then, there were a group of secretaries working on something, and I’d name each of them. As time went on, I had that one little segment on a single page, so I only had one page to re-type whenever a new ‘young lady’ came on the scene (which wasn’t that frequent). It has to be remembered, when I began the project (the book, that is!), I was using a manual typewriter. Those were the days. Mmmmmmmm!

That’s it.


Ecco Home?

Tuesday, 30 October, 2012


‘Ecco Home’?


Carvel’s succinct question to his Team Members, in asking if they thought Baltimore was their man.

From beginning to end, with all things in between, everything about the ‘Experiment’ began and ended with Carvel. Whoever or whatever one took time out to look at, condone or condemn, all roads led back to Carvel.’

Alvin Gavaert

‘Even Doctor Who’s been buggered, bamboozled and bewildered by time.’


Baltimore’s response on hearing that his big day had been put back by ten years.

‘We were younger, bolder then. We were up for it, but (in truth) not yet ready for it.’


Carvel’s answer to Gavaert when questioned why he and his Team thought they could do the deed in 1975.

Who he?

Monday, 29 October, 2012


(1969 And All That)


Hello, Good People.

Wow! That was one hell of a job with ‘PICKS FROM THE PROM’ yesterday. Putting on Carvel’s first speech in the book on to the blog site. Hope you enjoy it, and that it makes you think a bit on the subject of advanced Medicine, and possible consequences.

Now for something I’d forgotten about. Under my authorship name on the cover of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, is the name of Peter Paget. In the ‘80s, I met Peter (can’t remember the circumstances). He agreed to proof read my first complete draft of the book, and did so, making some comments in pencil in the margins. I still have that original manuscript. Whilst he could still recognise the storyline, I doubt that he’d recognise the presentation aspect. Completely changed.

I’ve tried to contact Peter a few times in the last few years, without any joy. So, if you’re out there, man!


Carvel’s ‘New Genesis’ Speech

Sunday, 28 October, 2012


(It is well to bear in mind that ‘PROM’ is a work of faction)

Carvel’s ‘New Genesis’ Speech

In the Summer of 1972, Carvel was invited to address a small group that gave itself the collective title of ‘Friends of Medicine’. As SOURCE was to explain years later, they ‘spoke to someone who had attended the event and heard, at first-hand, what turned out to be a remarkable speech.’ They went on to say that ‘Carvel came over as just a little world-weary, the energy for which he was famed, not totally present. Even so, the power of his words, his commitment to his subject, was all too clear.’ For all that, his soon to be referred to ‘New Genesis’ speech, passed under the radar. It didn’t even get a mention in the media. SOURCE obtained a copy of it, courtesy of the Baltimore Estate. It’s hard to fathom, to grasp Carvel’s state of mind at that time, what he was actually about. If it had received the media attention it would normally have warranted, it could have blown his plans out of the water. Perhaps the ‘Experiment’ was simply meant to be, no matter what.’ And remember, it didn’t actually happen for almost thirteen years from the time of this speech.


A new Genesis

“Ladies and gentlemen, Friends of Medicine, I thank you very much for inviting me to speak to your gathering this evening. If I may, I would like to share a few thoughts with you. Recently, I was appointed Director of a project that has been charged with the task of placing Cryogenics centre stage, so to speak, in matters appertaining to the many and varied fields of Medicine; surgery included. In this, I shall do my best, along with those more eminent in this area, to ensure it is applied to the very best advantage for our profession and the patients it serves.

I have put on record that I have some mixed feelings. As a Progressive, I am glad; as a Humanist, I am more than a little apprehensive. My gladness is in the fact that we do progress, and that it is a major step forward in the progress of things and, as you may have heard, I have been a strong Progressive Radical in my time, for which I do not apologise. The apprehension I feel is because of where this latest progressive step may lead us. I now talk only within my own area of expertise, such as it is, Medicine, and advanced Medicine in particular, which now must include Cryogenics.

Cryogenics is the science of low temperature application, in many areas of Science, of which Medicine is but one. To date, this new science, in relation to immediate benefit to the individual, has been limited. However, it is now becoming a means by which to prolong life, indefinitely, until some future day when Medicine will have discovered cures and procedures for all that ails us today. We know for a fact that hundreds of people in the United States of America have freely given themselves over to this suspended life, there to remain until such times as medical salvation is at hand. But this alone is not enough. The very means used to place these people in such a state can be used NOW, to help towards finding such means for which they wait. By the use of Cryogenic-based surgery, it’s a very real possibility that we shall, sooner rather than later, be able to remove one of the greatest enemies known to today’s surgeons: TIME. The removal of the time factor from the operating theatres of the world. I need not tell you what this could mean. However, in each step of advancement that we take, not only do we gain greater power to serve, but also to create the ability to push even further back, the spectres of age and death. In short, we move nearer to ending, either deliberately or unintentionally, the greatest search in Man’s history; the search for everlasting life. It is this line of progress, and what might await us at its end, that gives me this great feeling of apprehension. For even as we continue forward, we should still be asking ourselves, how far? How far dare we go? How far should we go? Who, if anyone, should be held to account for providing such answers to such questions, either one way or the other? At what point, if any, should we cease to search, and thereby surrender the life to He that first gave it?

It is those who are closest to these, the greatest questions, who need the greatest help and guidance. The surgeons, doctors and nurses. People such as ourselves here this evening. WE are the ones who daily both see and fight against the line that divides life from death. The greater our progress, the fainter that line becomes. Since Man first began to tend himself, both to live well and live on, this problem has been almost solely with the practitioners of Medicine. Today, almost to the doctors and surgeons alone, with precious practical help from others.

How long can we bear this burden? For how long must we continue to be both God and Man in one? I know that many do not see it as I do, say that the situation isn’t so dramatic by half. Perhaps, but I cannot, will not subscribe to that. Every minute of every day, a surgeon, doctor or nurse is faced with making a decision that will mean the difference between life and death for a fellow human being. Whether to go on or to stop. Whether to accept the coming death or defy it and, in so doing, go forward, thereby pushing IT further back.

We are ordinary beings, and as such, prone to all the weaknesses and frailties inherent in our species. The time is fast approaching when we shall not ask for this help and guidance, but demand it. Demand it of the society in which we live and which we serve. It has to be the society of THIS DAY that must help us, tell us, what is to be. What can and cannot be done in its name, for its collective benefit. If this society will not give us this lead, then we in turn will have no option but to go on alone, and leave it to our own skills and time itself to see just how far we can, in deed, go.

If we follow the foreseeable logical line of progress in Medicine, the end could be that which at first was the beginning; the making of a human life. But this time, not by the Divine hand of God, but by the progressive hand of Man. Perhaps then we would see a new Bible: the ‘Bible of Progress’, with a new Genesis, beginning where the ultimate folly in the progress of Man could itself end:

And Man madeth man, by man and of man. And the new man, madeth by the old man, called the old man – GOD!

If this is not how you would have the work of medical progress end, then I suggest you, society that is, guide us, show us, tell us and direct us in the way you would have us go. If not, then we shall simply go on in the way that progress points us, and then let it fall on your collective head.

Thank you. Thank you very much.”

Before he left the gathering, someone asked him what he meant, what he was doing. Carvel had smiled and winked as he replied: “Just putting a shot across our bow!”

Back to the Future

Sunday, 28 October, 2012

Back to the Future

(1969 and all that)

Hello, Good People.

I have quite a substantial piece for ‘Picks from the Prom’ today, so this segment will be relatively short. Here we go.

I gained an hour this morning, believing I’d slept until 10:30am, then discovered the clocks had gone back. Way to go.

After yesterday’s blog in this segment, when I was writing about my time in Earl’s Court, we now move to Holland park. We’re in the early to mid-‘70s period. I’m in a large flat in a big, lovely, classy house (owned by some elderly lady). At one point, I shared with a lawyer, a high-placed finance man and a young BBCtv Production Assistant. At the time he worked either on ‘The Goodies’ or ‘MONTY PHYTHON’. I think it was the latter. One evening he came home from work and walked slowly into the lounge and over to the other side, not saying a word. Whilst himself in casual attire, he was wearing a bowler hat with an arrow right through it (and his head, or so it seemed). We looked on agog. He then commented that he had one hell of a headache. Magic!

I enjoyed my time in Holland Park. A lovely area. I based my ‘GEORGE’ stories in that locale. I was still hacking away on the ‘Carvel’ novel, between enjoying my now not-so-new job and generally having a good time. One evening I had a lot of my ‘Carvel’ research papers strewn over the floor, and one of my flatmates observed that he was sure I’d get my book published: eventually. My friend – NOSTRODAMUS!

I have one particular, warm abiding memory from that period. I’d taken a young lady to the cinema to see ‘The Exorcist’. An experience in itself. To make up for the faux par le grand, on another evening I cooked her a meal at the flat. We were well into it (the meal, that is!), all lights out, candlelight the order of the evening. My flatmates came home, one calling that he thought a fuse had blown somewhere. He opened the lounge door just a little, popped his head in, sussed the scene and retreated quickly, silently. All then left the flat for the pub. God bless ‘em.

Life continued, and the most persistent constant remained ….. ‘CARVEL’!



Back To The Future/Picks from ‘PROM’



(1969 And All That)

Hello, Good People.

Well, as it happened, I had a good night’s sleep last night. In the course of the evening, I thought through a few things, bearing in mind that I’d been told on a previous occasion that people often wanted to know about the author, as well as what they were writing.

Without boring you with my limited thinking processes, I happened upon the date 1969. I was sharing a flat in Earl’s Court at the time (which I explained in an earlier blog), committed my one and only criminal act and, as a result, got myself a criminal record, and also landed my first substantial commercial job, which saw me working in Regent’s Street, in London’s West End. It was also the year in which Simon and Garfunkel released ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. Finally, I, along with my flatmates, attended a party at the flat next door. In so doing, I remember an incident that confirms to me I was well into writing ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (then titled ‘The Carvel Experiment’) at the time.

So, briefly, some details of the above. I’d had a skin full of booze one night. Went back to the flat, only to find our little street had acquired ‘poles’ that stuck out of the pavement like metallic tree trunks. I was informed that soon parking meters would be stuck on top of each one. So, like a good citizen, I yanked out a few of the poles (not yet cemented in) and, as I was trying to get one on the nearby pub roof, the Police arrived. Sometime thereafter I became the possessor of a Criminal Record. And so to the party, again simple explanation only. Once there, I was confronted by some bozos running around yelling that they wanted to be brain surgeons! I thought someone had told them about the book, and having clapped eyes on me, were taking the piss. Such was not so. A few days later I saw the repeat of an episode of a fantastic new comedy series – ‘MONTY PYTHON’ – which had a sketch of foolish young men going on about wanting to be brain surgeons. Hey-ho. Another valuable lesson in not to assume things!

In remembering these ‘happenings’, I’ve decided to recall certain events in my life from 1969 on, through the time I was writing the book.

Between such recalls, I will note things from the completed work, under the title ‘PICKS FROM THE PROM’ (as I don’t intend to write the full ‘PROMOTHEUS ASCENDING’ title every bloody time!).

And this now brings me to such a ‘Pick’. However, on this occasion, I’ll recall two I gave a few blogs ago, add another, and save the first (of two biggies) until tomorrow.


‘We are but water.’

Prof. Ernst Kraser, describing the state of human beings.

‘We’re simply moving a water tank from one loft and placing it into another.’

Prof. Ernst Kraser giving a rather simplistic analogy of what the so-termed Carvel ‘Experiment’ actually involved.

‘To face the world, one first needs a face.’

William John Baltimore, articulating his predicament.

That’s it .



What’s the way to do it?

Friday, 26 October, 2012

What’s the way to do it?

Hello, Good People.

First things first. Remember in my ramble yesterday, I spoke about the cinema in Portobello Road back in the ‘50s? Well, it’s still there, God bless it. You can’t keep a good cinema down. It’s now called The Electric Cinema. Way to go!

I still haven’t really decided on how best I can publicise my forthcoming book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ on my blog site.As you’ll recall, I dumped the ‘Advertisement’ idea, and after sleeping on the problem last night, am not so sure about the “Trailer” idea, although it was quite literally correct. If you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

I’ll sleep on the problem again tonight, then see what the morning brings. I may try and conjure up something via a ‘MindsFlight’ or even a ‘MindHorizon’ trip. Hell, I didn’t even have this much creative hassle when writing the bleedin’ thing! Mind you, an idea has just popped into my mind. As I’ve said, it was written over a period of some 38 years, and things happened along the way, so I think I can tell a tale or two in that direction as we go.

That’s it until tomorrow.



Thursday, 25 October, 2012


Hello, Good People.

I’ve had a re-think as regards to my ‘Advertisement’ approach regarding my book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. I wanted to make sure there was a distinction between my personal ramblings and getting you interested in my book. Somehow, employing the term ‘Advertising’ didn’t cut it, because it isn’t as such. What would better explain my intent is the term ‘trailer’. Think to when you go to the cinema specifically to see the main feature film. Apart from sitting through the ads, you also have to sit through the ‘trailers’ of forthcoming features.

As a kid in the 50s (that as in 19 and not 18!), on a Saturday morning, I used to go to a small cinema in Portobello Road, which we called the “flea pit”! We’d watch episodes of “Flash Gordon”, “Roy Rogers”, “Superman”, et al. We also had to sit through endless ‘trailers’ of the following week’s exciting episodes of the said heroes.

So, from tomorrow, watch out for ‘trailers’ of next year’s ’forthcoming Kindle attraction’: ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’.

That’s it.


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