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We’re on our marks. ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series 2, may be on Kindle by the time you read this. The first of the two Series of ‘GEORGE’ not far behind. She Who Must Be Obeyed is having some probs on the technical side of things. Glad I ain’t the only one!

I have just finished my research for ‘BLOOD’. Hell, I’ve almost written the entire thing. Seriously, though, I’ll begin writing the story sometime in January.

‘GEORGE’. I’m having thoughts on opening up a second media front for good ol’ George; cartoons. You know, something like ‘Wallace and Gromit’. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for staying in there with me.




Hello, Good People.

I hope your festive food, fun and frolics went off well.

Amongst other things, I took time out to see the true classic film of the Dickens tale ‘A Christmas Carol’, with the great Alastair Sim as Scrooge.

Now, do you know what ‘continuity’ is in the context of books, films and TV? Essentially, it’s a ‘logical sequence of and in events’. So, if a person is in bed in his jim-jams in the first part of a sentence or TV/film scene, then suddenly walking down the road in a deep sea diving suit in the second half of the sentence or next moment in the TV/film scene, without reason given, it tends to mean the continuity has gone to pot. I’ve been my own victim of this when writing. It really sucks. I mention this because of a sequence quite early in the Sim/Scrooge film. Scrooge has gone to his home on Christmas Eve. At his house door, he is confronted by the ghostly image of Jacob Marley’s face, his deceased business partner, within the large door knocker. It scares Scrooge, so he gets into his house as fast as possible, slams the door shut once inside, then proceeds to lock and bolt himself in from the inside. The following morning, Christmas Day, as he awakes from his three ghostly visitation in the single night, his housekeeper is banging on his locked bedroom door. Question: How did she get into the house, itself all locked up from the inside the previous night! Obviously, one can say the housekeeper lived in, although it wasn’t explained so, nor seemed too likely. It may have been so in the original story. I don’t know, as I haven’t read it as such. If not, then it would signal a screw-up in the continuity of the story. Oooooo!!

My research for ‘BLOOD’ is all but complete. I have also had to precede the first paragraph of the story with a Prologue. Such is writing.




Hello, Good People.

She Who Must Be Obeyed has spoken. That’s to say, I had a good chin-wag with Smiley over the ‘phone last night. We’re still on schedule for the next two ‘books’ to go on Kindle on December 31st. However, I won’t prep you on the details until they’re actually on.

On another point, last night, for the first time, I put a note pad and biro on the bedside table, just in case I “wrote” something useful in my “MindHorizon” state. Guess what? I went out like a light and that was that. Mmmmmm.

That’s it. Enjoy tomorrow, and don’t forget to thank your deceased turkey for the bountiful feast he provided you with. Let’s hear it for the turkeys of the world!!!

Have a good one.


Good ol’ Smiley!!

Hello Good People.

Good ol’ Smiley! As you will note, my mishap on the title of my 17 December blog posting has been corrected. Guess by whom? You’ve got it! I’m talking to her tonight, so stand by for some news.



Hello, Good People.

Firstly, my apologies for screwing up the title on my last blog posting (17 December). That bleedin’ space bar!

Well, I’ve just had a Eureka moment, just like that old fella Archimedes those years ago. There I was having a good soak in the bath, whilst “writing” ‘BLOOD’ in my mind, trying to sort out a conundrum; describing two aspects, whilst staying in the first person singular and keeping a smoothly flowing narrative. And then ….. I got it! Hey-ho.

Before I forget, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


So still, for even silence is mute

Hello, Good People.

I’m afraid it’s all a bit quiet this end. No news from She Who Must Be Obeyed. However, by the week’s end, I should have something to report.

I’m hauling my ass through research for ‘BLOOD’, and ‘writing’ bits of it in my mind. The former is proving difficult. Once off the bike, for any degree of time, makes it hard to get back on and peddle with momentum. And Christmas looming doesn’t help!

Hey-ho and a Ho Ho Ho.

That’s it for now. Try not to get too excited through anticipation!



Hello, Good People

I’m afraid my mojo is faltering and spluttering somewhat at the moment. I think this is due to a few factors. Christmas looms, and I’ve been knocking out my Christmas ‘card’ emails. My main writing is now complete (having been a part of my life for something like fifty years). The research material for ‘BLOOD’ is now to hand, and I just have to put it into a kind of order. Also, of course, with this final effort, I’m not working to any time schedule as such.

As to the actual writing of ‘BLOOD’, I’m of a mind to try and apply a sort of ‘stream of (writing) consciousness’. By this I mean, I simply sit at the laptop and GO! From brain straight on to the page, and keep going as long as I’m on a roll. The moment I begin to slow, to stop, SAVE what I have, then go back to it the moment the mood grabs me again. Mmmm!

That’s it, really. Hope you’re all getting into the festive mood.

Catch you later.


Research: BRAIN v GOOGLE

Hello, Good People.

When I studied for my LAMDA Golds in Acting and Speech all those years ago, it was via a teacher and books. When I studied Hypnotherapy and HypnoAnalysis, it was via teachers and books. When I studied for my Postgrad in Counselling & Interpersonal Skills, it was via tutors, books and my fellow students (through the University of London), and ditto at the same establishment of learning when I took my Diploma in Criminology. Through all of this, I kept up my own writing (‘The BoCheK Tales’ and most of the work on ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’).

re The above, things only really changed when I was putting the final draft of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ together, and researching for ‘BLOOD’; on both tasks calling upon the magic of GOOGLE . Question: Which was the quicker? Answer: GOOGLE. Question: Which was the most satisfying method of research? Answer: Tutors, books and fellow students!

Conclusion? From this individual, by my own efforts (seeking, reading and direct learning) at gaining knowledge, the greater sense of achievement and ….. SATISFACTION!

Enjoy your Christmas shopping. Aaarrgghhhhhhh!!!!


Few Days – Many Things

Hello, Good People.

I haven’t been in touch for a few days as there wasn’t anything of note to relate. But what a difference a single day can make.

My printer gave me grief. Paper kept jamming when I was trying to print off a 19-page document from the Internet. I was reminded of one thing, learnt another: patience can be a virtue, and also to going the re-boot route. Mmmmmmmm!

I’m still into research for my final ‘BoCheK Tale’ – ‘BLOOD’. As with ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, my most pressing problem was how to present the narrative of the ‘Tale’; for the first part, and then the second part, each quite different in their turn. I wanted to do so in the first person singular, which presented its own problems. I went to bed one night, still mulling over my possible options. I awoke in the night, ‘hearing’ myself mentally narrating the story. In so doing, I found I had answers to my questions. I got out of bed, went into the lounge, scribbled out two paragraphs; one beginning the ‘Tale’, the other beginning the second part of the ‘Tale’. That done, I returned to bed and to sleep. Kinda neat, huh?

One slight wisp of cloud on the horizon. I went to the Docs for a six-monthly check-up on my overall state of health. All was fine. Then, as I stood to go, the nice young lady Doctor asked me about a tiny spot on my forehead, which I was aware of, but it had been hitching a ride on my bod for years, without hassle. Although she believed it to be a dormant, minimal form of skin cancer, she has decided it must be checked out. Hey-ho. At the end of next June, I’ll have reached my Biblical three score years and ten. I’ll be quite a happy old bunny. So much so, as long as nothing has happened re my health in relation to that ‘spot’ up to that time, nor does so beyond it, I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. Mind you, I could invite it to pack its bag and sod off for a holiday, ‘Monty Phython’ style!

So, Christmas beckons, but that’s another story! Hopefully, my next posting will be to let you know the details of the two ‘books’ about to go on kindle.

That’s it. Yoiks and Tally-Ho!!


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