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Hello, Good People.

She has spoken!

I had a catch-up chat with Smiley this evening, and this is the bottom line of it all:

As of now, my little ol’ blog site has received 628 ‘hits’. Mmmmmmm.

I now have 23 ‘followers’. Oooooo!!

‘ARRIVAL’ will go on Kindle a week before Easter. Perfect timing. And wait until you see the cover. Oh yes, don’t forget; it’s FREE this time around (due to the subject matter).

It seems ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ is still happy with our partnership in this Kindle venture. Of that I am much pleased.

‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ is scheduled to go on Kindle in the last quarter of this year.

Talking of which ….. I’ve heard nothing as regards either ‘PROM’ or ‘GEORGE on the conventional publishing side, but I won’t chase up either for a month. And as far as Kindle goes, ‘GEORGE’ won’t be going on this year. I think I’ll aim for both Series to go on at the same time – early part of 2014. Do you realise, by then I’ll be into my ‘three score years and ten’. Hark, is that a hearse I hear!?

That’s it.


All Quiet on the ……..

Hello, Good People

I’ afraid it’s still all quiet on the Thomson front at present.

As I’m sure quite a number of you will know all too well, once we writers put the results of our toils and tears out there, to agents and publishers, all we can then do is sit back …. and wait.

Smiley is now handling ‘ARRIVAL’, getting it ready to go on Kindle (FREE OF CHARGE TO ANY WHO WISH TO READ IT) in time for Easter. The gathered research material for ‘BLOOD’ awaits my rising from my fat butt and getting down to writing the work. However, with ‘GEORGE’ and ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ out there fighting my corner, I’m afraid my mind isn’t as focussed as it might be. Hey-ho, the joys of being a writer.

Bear with me and hang in there, and remember the old maxim: Patience is a virtue, often sought but seldom found!



Hello, Good People.

Less can be more!

After a lull over the last few days or so, things went crazy from around midday yesterday and went on until about 9pm. At the heart of it? Smiley. She Who Must Be Obeyed!

It was all down to ‘ARRIVAL’, my ‘modern day’ take on ‘The Easter Story’. I want to get it on Kindle for Easter this year. Smiley had a copy in her system, but for a day or so wasn’t so sure she had it. I was preparing to re-do it from a ‘hard copy’ I had. I’d lost my originally prepared copy in my old laptop, that had been well and truly screwed by a virus. Then, doing a normal check on my existing laptop, there it was; an email from Smiley, along with an ‘Attachment’; ‘ARRIVAL’.

I won’t burden you with my trials and tribulations of doing minor corrections and getting it back to Smiley. Let’s just say, where I.T. is concerned, I make numbnuts seem like Einsteins!

When things had settled down, I thought on Smiley. We don’t communicate a lot. Once-a-week, sometimes just once every two weeks, by ‘phone. The calls last about five minutes, and that’s it. She’s a doer rather than a talker. And it works. Seemingly, ‘less’ can indeed achieve more. All power to the mighty Smiley!



Hello, Good People.

Thanks to the endeavours of Smiley, it is just possible that there will be a particular arrival on Amazon-Kindle this March. A little something different, entitled ‘ARRIVAL’. Something I first penned years ago. Because of the nature of the piece, it will be FREE. Smiley came up with that one, and I agree.

Hope you’re all surviving the white stuff. If it isn’t helicopters, it’s bleedin’ snow!!



Hello, Good People.

I hope you’re all coping with the white stuff (and I don’t mean the sniff-sniff variety!). Thank God my visit to Guy’s was yesterday.

Take care, have fun, be safe.



Hello, Good People.

It’s been a case of wham, bang, thank you ma’ms! today.

First stop, Guy’s Hospital. A nice Sister did the six-monthly check of my heart. All fine. Don’t have to go back for a year.

Second stop, to “Sam”, to drop off dear ol’ ‘GEORGE’, to see if he can stand on his own two paws (think about it).

Third stop. That will be Sam giving ‘GEORGE’ to the literary editor of the publisher that deal with children’s books. Another woman, and very nice, I’m sure.

Fourth stop. Popped into my local dentist (populated by lovely ladies!), to drop off some copies of the ‘GEORGE’ illustration. One of the ladies, although liking the ‘look’ of George, thought he’d be a little more scruffy, being a Jack Russell terrier an’ all. Mmmmmmm.

Women, huh. Who said they don’t rule the world – NOW! Mind you, I’m ain’t complaining.




Hello, Good People.

She Who Must Be Obeyed has spoken.

All proceeds well enough, but it’ll be a few weeks more before the first Series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories go on Kindle.

It appears my humble little blog site has recorded 615 ‘hits’ thus far, and ….. I have 20 followers. Not exactly a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, response, but I’m happy enough.

Right, that’s it. I’m at Guy’s Hospital this coming Thursday, just for them to check I’m still alive. I’m also informed there’s some sort of phallic structure in the area!

Thanks to all who support my blog site.



Marking time…..

Hello, Good People.

It may seem things have slowed down a little. They have. There’s something of a hiatus in the progress of things.

There is, but only from my side. Allow me to explain:

From the side of She Who Must Be Obeyed, things do progress. As you know, Series 2 of ‘The BoCheK Tales’, has gone on Kindle. Wait until you get a load of the book cover. That’s down to Smiley. What was that about the genteel sex! Hopefully, her scanner will be up and running soon, if not now. I’ll be talking to her tonight for an update on things generally. So, all things being equal, the first Series of ‘GEORGE’ will soon be on Kindle.

From my side, things are developing away from Kindle. You’ve seen the ‘GEORGE’ illustration. Well, next Thursday, he’ll be presented to a literary editor for a publishing outfit that specialise in children’s books. This procedure takes time. Also, because of the latest news on the advanced medicine front (a human hand transplant), I have presented the Synopsis of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ to the publishing house of Harper Collins (they handle Michael Crichton’s work). Again, this process takes time. Hence, my comment that, from my side, things are in the ‘marking time’ mode. Boy, it’s hard to be patient as time goes by, when you’re on fast forward to 70!

Well, there it is. Hopefully, I’ll know more when I’ve spoken with Smiley.




Well, Good People ……

I got the little fella on the site at the end. Later next week he’s off to strut his stuff at a children’s books publisher. I’ll keep you posted.


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