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‘BLOOD’ is running!

Hello, Good People

As I put it in the heading, at last ‘BLOOD’ is up and running. Well, sort of. I was suffering in the dentist’s chair last week, so vowed my revenge by putting her in the story. So, within a day or so, I did a rough draft for the segment I had in mind. To do it, I had to research a certain item, and so one thing led to another. I have rough drafted three different segments. I’ve not worked in this particular way before. Interesting. I don’t think the finished item will be ready much before the beginning of next year. Well, scribbling keeps me out of trouble.




Hello, Good People

‘GEORGE’ – an update. The waiting game will continue awhile on the conventional publishing side. However, on the Kindle side, Smiley and I schedule the two series of stories to go on in the early part of 2014. Good grief, I’ll have entered my three score years and ten by then. Eek!!

That’s it. Out and over.

She has texted and She has emailed. All hail She Who Must Be Obeyed!!

Hello Good People

I texted Smiley this morning, and she then texted me, and then …… emailed me. Wow!

In matters of communication and frequency of same, we’re as different as chalk from cheese, but I trust her totally. She simply says what she’ll do and then does it. No commentary as such. For her, the action is all. Mind you, she don’t have my humour, either!

She confirmed: ‘ARRIVAL’ goes on Kindle just before Easter; ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ will go on around October time.

As to the conventional publishing side of things, I’ll check on ‘GEORGE’ at the end of this month, and ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ at the end of March (some publishing houses are in a time zone not of this earth!).

Well, that’s it. Back into the waiting mode.



Reports of ……..

Hello, Good People.

Reports of my demise, because of a decrease in the flow of my printed prattle, are greatly exaggerated.

The bottom line is that Smiley prepares for ‘ARRIVAL’ to go on Kindle prior to Easter, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ also continues being prepared for Kindle, come October. And, as you know, on the conventional side of publishing, ‘GEORGE’ is still being inspected, as is ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’.

All in all, it is simply a case of waiting. All is waiting.



Hello, Good People.

MIND’SFLIGHT, the therapy technique that I developed (for Relaxation), and Smiley put together as a website, has now recorded 6,600 ‘hits’, and rising. For the record, the website address is www.mindsflight.net Take a look, if you haven’t done so already.

Good ol’ Smiley!



Hello, Good People.

So, who would wish to be a writer!?

An update for you, and nothing to write home about, if you’ll forgive the intended pun.

‘GEORGE’ is still alive, and awaiting judgement from a literary editor.

‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. Seems it’s still alive in a major publishing house. Mind you, the Synopsis hasn’t been read yet! Still, where there’s life, there’s a frustrated would-be author waiting. More still, I read the second half of the novel over the last few days. As a result, I’m marking out corrections for Frances to deal with as she prepares the Kindle template manuscript version. Thank God, she hadn’t reached the second part of it. I cannot help but think that the real thing will have taken place, before this fictional account sees the light of day.

Onwards and upwards!



Hello, Good People.

I’m afraid stillness reigns at present. The lady editor who is set to read ‘GEORGE’ has been laid low by a bad cold, so there’s a delay there. I won’t pursue again until 1 March. Who knows, maybe it’s a case of no news being good news. What prat came up with that?!

As to MIND’SFLIGHT, the website’s gone down. Only just found out, as since December last, I’ve decided to check the ‘hits’ count only at the end of each month. I must gently call upon Smiley’s skills. HELP!!!

It’s strange being a writer. Two contradictory mindsets to be employed, and knowing when for each. Patience on the one hand; THRUST! On the other. Knowing when best to stand back and wait, as opposed to just kicking the door down and demanding action; the American way as opposed to the British way.

I’m reading the second part of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (‘Prom’ for short). Still holds up quite well, but hard for me to judge as I’ve been with it for so many years (in various drafts). I see the odd mistake, contradictory description. I guess that’s where publishers and their proof readers earn their bread. Hey-ho.

That’s it. Have a good weekend.


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