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High Finance

Hello Good People

I received words of wisdom from Smiley a short while ago. It seems the fluctuation in the price for any book on Kindle is due to the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound.

Just think, little ol’ me linked to high finance!

That’s it.


.77p !

Hello, Good People.


Today I had fun, if you can call it that, tracking down my latest effort, ‘ARRIVAL’, on Kindle. Poor Smiley, she must have been going crazy with my emails. In the end, I made it. Unfortunately, the first thing I found out is that anyone wanting to download it has to fork out .77p (as opposed to the .75p I thought it would be). Guess that’s inflation, eh?

I eventually got to it by going on amazon.co.uk, then searching on Kindle for the ‘book’. I went to the ‘Religion’ section, then to ‘New Additions’. Maybe you should just type in my name – William P Thomson – to speed up the process. There are a few titles with the word ‘arrival’ in them.

I’m now taking a breather, as I’ve finished the rough draft of part one of ‘BLOOD’. I may have informed you of this already, but then being an old fart, I tend to repeat quite a bit from the mouth, as well as from the other orifice!

Well, I’ll catch up with you later. Don’t eat too many Easter eggs.



PS: My Mindsflight website (designed by Smiley) as just reached 7,051!

Let’s hear it for Smiley! Graphics illustrator extraordinaire!!

Hello, Good People.

Well, ‘ARRIVAL’ is up and running on Amazon-Kindle. Sorry it isn’t free, as we’d hoped. As I’ve noted before, you’ll have to pay the staggering sum of .75p!

The bigger story is about the cover for ‘ARRIVAL’. I wanted an illustration of a crucifix and neck chain discarded, and tangled in the chain ….. a bullet. Smiley was having problems putting that together, hence the delay getting the work on Kindle. Then, at the last, she came up with her idea for an illustration and went ahead in the following manner. At the top, my line ‘A Story for Easter in Verse and Prose’. Under that, in red capitals, the title: ‘ARRIVAL’. Then the brilliant bit. She replaced the ‘I’ in the word with a bullet in the upright position. Under that, a sketch of the three crosses – in black and white – and under that, in red, my name – William P Thomson.

It’s hard being a graphics illustrator, as their job is to convey a thought, idea or concept in a single image. Often, of course, with one sole aim: selling it! Not always easy.

On another front, I’ve learnt that Kindle has an ‘Author’s Page’. Bit like a blog site, I suppose. I’ve asked Smiley about it and she thinks it would be a good idea for me, although I will have to do some of the ‘technical’ bit. As I’m such a putz in this department, it may be a little hit and miss for a bit. I’ll keep you posted.

As to ‘BLOOD’, I have just completed the rough draft of the first half of the story. I’ll take a breather, then begin the second half. From straightforward, modern style writing to abstract. Hey-ho!

The next item to go on Kindle will be ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, and that will be at the latter end of this year.

That’s it. Cheers.


‘ARRIVAL’ (My email adress is fox.pro@btinternet.com)

Hello, Good People

It’ll cost yer!

‘ARRIVAL’ was placed on Kindle today. Sorry to say, we couldn’t get it on as a freebie for you Kindle readers. It will cost you …… .75p ….. to download.

I’ve again put my email address in the headline slot, as I would love to know what you think of the piece.

That’s it. Have a great Easter; just don’t drown in the rain nor freeze in the snow!



Hello yet again …. Good People

Well, I got my email address over to you, but in the heading. Like before, I couldn’t get it to you fully within the body copy. Still, whichever way. Right? Right!



Hello again!

If you want to pass any comments on my Kindle efforts or, indeed, on this blog site, please feel free to email me.

As noted in the title, my email address is fox.pro

Why ‘fox’, etc? I was a fan of ‘The X-File’, so Fox as in the character Fox Mulder, and I also took a Diploma in Criminology, and concentrated (or ‘majored’ as the Yanks would say) in Profiling.

That’s it. Boy, I hope it’s worked!


IF ……

Hello Good People

In a few minutes I will do another posting, which you’ll see above. If it comes out like gobbledegook, I apologise in advance. So, here we go ……


‘ARRIVAL’ arrives this Sunday – 24 March, 2013

Hello, Good People

Well, it’s almost here. Exchanged texts with She Who Must Be Obeyed this Sunday past, and she informed me my story, ‘ARRIVAL’, in Verse and Prose, goes on to Kindle this coming Sunday. If you go to my posting of 11 March, you’ll be reminded as to what it’s about. It’s a little different from my usual fare!

That’s it, really. Still banging on with putting ‘BLOOD’ together, but that’s another story – literally.

NB: As I have stated, the idea is for ‘ARRIVAL’ to be free to Kindle readers. We’ll find out come Sunday!


A quickie, woeful story, then something about the writing of ‘BLOOD’

Hello Good People

A woeful story

Yesterday I decided to run the vacuum cleaner around the flat, just for old time’s sake. Got it out, plugged in, turned on. Zilch. Nothing. Kaput.

I tried a few times, to no avail, so gave up – happily, it has to be said. I decided it had to be the fuse in the machine. So, I made a cup of coffee and watched a bit of telly, the redundant fuse on the table. I was also thinking. Then a light bulb went on in my mind. I got up, put the fuse back in the blasted machine and tried again. BINGO! It was working. I decided to celebrate by putting off vacuuming until the morrow.

Can you Adam and Eve it, I hadn’t used the wretched machine for so long, I’d forgotten where the on/off switch was!! Well, actually, it wasn’t quite that straightforward. I may be dumb, but I ain’t stupid!

‘BLOOD’ The continuing writing of

I’m now into doing the final draft of the first part. In the original concept, it should have been the second part. Also, yet again, whilst laying in bed, settling down to sleep, I had an idea, which in turn meant I had to re-write anyway. As any writer/would-be writer will tell you, the first time we “hear” the story, we’re “telling it” to ourselves.

The first part is relatively straightforward, as it’s in modern, straightforward prose. However, it is the second part I really look forward to. It is then that I adopt a style I refer to as ‘mood writing’, a somewhat Gothic spin, as I try to articulate the thoughts of an insane man. ‘What’s that?,’ I hear you ask. ‘Edgar Allan Poe?’ Yes, I suppose so. Nothing new under the sun, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, etc., etc. Anyway, it beats tangling with a vacuum cleaner!




Hello Good People


Can you believe it, three postings in a day!

I thought I should let you know now a little about ‘ARRIVAL’, that goes on Kindle on 24 March, just in time for Easter, which was the idea. It is most probable that it will be FREE.

It’s the story, in verse and prose, that I wrote some years ago. It’s a modern version of The Easter Story. I’ve taken it from the time Christ rode into Jerusalem, to His end at Calvary. However, it’s a different arrival and a different departure.

After that, we’ll be moving on to my full-length novel, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING, which should go on around October/November time.

That’s yer lot …. for now.


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