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Mad – not dead!

Hello, Good People.

Just to let you know that I haven’t died and gone to writers’ Heaven. More that I’ve gone mad.

Put another way, I’m writing the second and final part of ‘BLOOD’. It’s by way of a soliloquy of a madman, in which he articulates the terrible affliction that he suffers and his proposed course of action. Happy-clappy it ain’t!

If any of you are doing the Marathon this Sunday, be lucky, be safe.



Hello, Good People


A little cautionary note for you all. Go not lightly into MINDHORIZON.

I do believe I told you something about this mind technique quite some time ago. It’s the ‘beyond’ bit of MIND’SFLIGHT. You go to bed, having ‘programmed’ yourself that the moment you sense you’re coming out of sleep (the unconscious state) into the Awakened sleep (the semiconscious state), you ‘hold’ that state and, within it, think, work out, consider, even ‘write’ whatever you wish to deal with, using the uncluttered, totally undiluted power of your mind, which does, of course, include your imagination! The danger of this, it that you interrupt natural sleep. To do this is not recommended to any prolonged degree.

Last night, having retired to bed just after midnight, I was thinking about the text for the second part of ‘BLOOD’. Whilst settling down to sleep, I rehearsed some possible text in my mind. At some point I passed into sleep. At whatever time, I had come out of the sleep and into the Awakened sleep, into the realm of MINDHORIZON, and was ‘writing’ text. At some later point, I decided enough was enough, to cease and allow myself to go back into natural sleep. Because today is Sunday, I was free just to sleep on. And so I did; not rising from my bed until midday. As they say, nothing is for free. Everything has its price, the more so Nature!




Hello Good People

I was watching an item on TV this morning, featuring work that Japanese scientists were doing on monitoring brainwaves of people in sleep – trying to detect aspects of dreams. It suddenly reminded me of MIND’SFLIGHT. I may have informed you of this before. However ….. just in case …. I reiterate.

A few years ago I put to paper a therapy technique I term MIND’SFLIGHT. Simply put, it’s a way in which one relaxes body and mind. You may find it interesting. Better still, you may find it beneficial. I wrote the text, and Smiley produced the website: www.mindsflight.net

The site gives you the essential details: what it is, how I put it together and …. how to do it. It’s all yours, and it’s FREE. All it requires of you, personally, is a little of your time, care and respect (for your own mind and well being).

Relax and enjoy.



Hello Good People.

Hold the ‘phone: I was wrong about the zilch. I have 3 sales of my literary efforts on Kindle. Mind you, I bought (downloaded) 2! Still, that’s one up. Better than a thwack in the nuts with a wet fish!




Hello, Good People.

ZILCH. That’s my score as regards sales of my writings on Kindle thus far. Sort of depressing, really. Mind you, She Who Must Be Obeyed tells me there are millions of ‘books’ on the Kindle list, so I just have to be patient …. and keep up this blog site. Well, as far the latter is concerned, no prob. I thoroughly enjoy doing it. Also, in truth, after ‘BLOOD’, I don’t have any other stories in my mental storage, in a manner of speaking.

As to ‘BLOOD’, I’ve completed the final rough draft of the first part of the story, and laid out some text for the second part; and it’s the second part that will be fun. I’m still researching that, inasmuch as I’m reading Edgar Allan Poe, with Lord Alfred Tennyson waiting in the wings. Hey-ho.



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