William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

What’s afoot?

Happy Bank Holiday, Good People!

So, what’s afoot?

Well, I spoke with She Who Must Be Obeyed last night. All good and positive. The overall plan is as follows:

Now is the preparation period for the biggie: ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (‘PROM’ for short). It’s being re-set to the required Kindle template, and some simple corrections made. It’s scheduled to go on Kindle towards the end of this year, c October/November time. In view of this, there’s a sort of hernia in the activity my side. A friend of mine is doing the template re-set, then it’s all in Smiley’s hands.

Although I know when I wish to see ‘PROM’ on Kindle, one has to have a back-up plan. So, if things get delayed, the ‘GEORGE’ stories will go on (perfect for Christmas time, as they’re the ‘young adults’ tales of a dog that thinks he’s Saint George, Slayer of Dragons and Rescuer of Damsels in Distress!). If this happens, then ‘PROM’ would go on in the first month of 2014, and ‘BLOOD’ in the middle of 2014.

As to the mechanics of writing …. from my side, personally.

My imagination tank seems to be empty; nothing else I wish to write. Odd sense. Still, I don’t believe in forcing out something that simply isn’t there. As to ‘PROM’, I’ve had the odd experience of late. I re-read the entire work last week. I then couldn’t remember reading a few essential happenings, so had to go back. Well, they were there, but my eyes had simply passed over them. Put another way, I had a sort of words ‘blindness’. Most likely because I’ve been working on it too long (40 years, on and off). Something else. My writing process begins in my head. Sometimes, so intense, I later think I’ve already ‘written it’ (committed it to paper), only to find out later that such was not the case. DOH!

Finally, for the next few days I’m going to do something I haven’t done for a long time, for lack of time; “play” with my laptop. Try and sort a few things.

Right, that’s it. Take care, will post again soon.



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