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Hello, Good People

Well, there you go. Doesn’t pay to state what you won’t do again, ‘cause in days, you end up contradicting yourself.

On Wednesday night I retired to bed at 11pm. I didn’t pass into sleep until around 3am the following morning. In those four hours or so, I mentally “wrote” a story called ‘AIR’ (which, in truth, I’ve had in the back of my mind for years). However, this time around, I’ll really take my time, and make full use of Google as my “research” source.

At this time, I’m having to sort out a mix-up of dates in ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. As she re-types the MS to Kindle specification, Frances also becomes a proof reader extraordinaire. Let’s hear it for the women!!

That’s it.



Hello, Good People

Sorry I’ve been absent, but, in reality, I’m in a state of hernia. Put another way, there is a gap in my labours with the pen (okay, so it’s a laptop!).

At the end of this month, Frances will pass to me a copy of the Kindle- prepared ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ for me to proof read, then pass on to Smiley. After that, I’ll be proof reading ‘SHADOWS’ and ‘SHADOWMAN’.

Whilst all of this is honest toil, it’s not so much creative as good old corrective labour. Think about it.

Whilst I have said my ‘Imagination Box’ is empty, I now note a slight presence of something. We shall see.

Soon, I suppose, we’ll be in the annual act of collective hernia; holidays, that is! Joy, oh, joy!

That’s it. I’ll keep you posted, and thank you for reading my continued “scribbles”.



Hello, Good People

Had a good chinwag with Smiley tonight (She Who Must Be Obeyed). The new, revised schedule for getting my immediate scribbles on Amazon-Kindle is as follows:

cJULY 2013: ‘BLOOD’.

cChristmas period (November time): The ‘GEORGE’ stories (both sets). About a particular St. George, who just happens to have ideas above his station, as he’s ….. a DOG!

1st half of 2014: ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. The Big One. Full-sized novel.

2nd half of 2014: ‘SHADOWS’ and ‘SHADOWMAN’.

It’s was all about timing, folks.

That’s it. Take care, catch you later.


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