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She Has Spoken!

Hello Good People

Well, she has spoken. Had a good ‘phone conversation with Smiley (She Who Must Be Obeyed) last night. It seems there are, up to now, 35 of you good people, and you have produced 750 ‘hits’ on this site. I thank you.

One of my last writing efforts – ‘BLOOD’ – went on Kindle a few days ago. Smiley emailed over a document that is sent by Kindle on each acceptance. On this one, someone had done a one-sentence précis of the storyline of ‘BLOOD’, and it was excellent. So, a well done to whoever it was.

As my writing is now concluded, I am turning my mind to trying to find cheap ways to get the message out that my writings are on Amazon-Kindle. Oh joy, oh joy!

I think that’s about it. The ‘GEORGE’ stories (for ‘young adults’ – that’s kids to you and I) goes out around Christmas time, and the biggie – ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ – in the first quarter of 2014.

Out and over.



Hello Good People

Well, the holiday season is upon us. Smiley is due to head for the sun in a few days, so I’ll have a ‘telephone audience’ with She Who Must Be Obeyed’ tomorrow, so stand by, I’ll let you know the outcome.

In truth, my writings are now complete, and I’ve moved over to proof reading some of my efforts. I’ve signed off ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘SHADOWMAN’, and later I’ll deal with ‘SHADOWS’ and ‘RETROSUM’. After that, well, that will be that.

All of the above has been done whilst nursing a toothache, taking anti-biotics and coping with the sun!

Well, that’s it. I’ll update you in a day or so.

Hang in there!


Weird or what!?

Hello Good People

I have a muse by the name of Maria. A lovely and very clever young woman. ‘Twas she that persuaded me I still had a story or two within my ‘Imagination Box’. She was right, to a point. I had harboured a story for years, which I titled ‘AIR’. I told her I would write it. She asked me what it was about. So, I did a sort of précis of it for her, which would also act as a starting point for me when I got down to it for real. Within a few days it was done; a five-page précis. However, when I took a closer look at it, read it a few times, I realised I had actually written the full story. At least, a shorter version of what I had in mind. Indeed, it was a typical ‘BoCheK Tale’. The creative process is odd indeed.

Right, that’s it. Goodnight.



Hello, Good People

What a week past. It was all about wrapping up ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. Doing the proof read and corrections, then getting the finished product to Smiley, and out to a few friends (an insurance against my accidently wiping the 253-page tome off my system!). There was a mix-up, and as a result, Smiley and the others got the copy that hadn’t been proof read and corrected. Had to sort that out. Why can’t life be simple ….. like me.

I’m now going to take it easy for a little while, then begin research for another (short) story: ‘AIR’. Maybe watch some cricket. ZZzzzzzzzzzz.

Smiley’s off on a well deserved holiday soon. I guess August is the sort of holiday/close down time. Then we’re all back, awake and Footie Will Rule – OK!

Take care, and I hope you all enjoy your hols.


Hello, Good People

Right, an update.

I spoke with Smiley last night, and this is the lay of the land:

On 22nd July (or a few days after) ‘BLOOD goes on Amazon-Kindle.

For my part, I’m in the process of proof reading/correcting the Kindle-prepared copy of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (courtesy of Frances). When done, it goes back to the aforementioned Frances, who will then put the front presentation pages on and then return it to me. I then send out a few copies for safe keeping. The main copy goes to Smiley, who will add the front and back covers and then, come the New Year, will put the finished item on kindle. Good game, good game!

That’s it, really. Not exactly rocket science, is it?

Take care, catch you later.


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