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You’re not going to believe this ……!

Hello Good People

You’re not going to believe this, but I’m going to tell you anyway!

Went to bed just before midnight last night. Took a little while to pass into sleep. Then, at 4:40am today (Saturday, 31st August, 2013) I found myself waking up…. halfway through a story I’d been ‘writing’ in my mind. I was of a mind to get up and write down a few details, but decided against that course of action, as I didn’t want to awaken fully. So, laying back, I slipped into the Hypnogogic state and ‘wrote on’.

My story was a Western of all things. I’ve only written one other, years ago. A ‘BoCheK Tale’ titled ‘COWBOY’. Surprise, surprise. It was a tongue-in-cheek horror story. However, the one I was now ‘dreaming up’ was somewhat more substantial and very, very dark. More to the point, it had a beginning, a middle and an end. Put another way, the ‘scaffold’ of the story was up, and solid.

Just after 8am I got up, and the only thing I jotted in a notebook was the name of the principal character.

I intend to deliberately take my time with this story. For a start, I need to do quite a bit of research on the so-called ‘Wild West’. The era of the ‘cowboys’, which actually did not last that long. I may write a brief synopsis, just in case I pop my clogs before I can complete the work (it could end up being a Western version of ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’!).

That’s it, really. Have a good day.



Here it is, via ‘email attachment’. Just ‘open Up’.

A I R.doc

‘A.I.R.’ – A very short ‘BoCheK Tale

Hello Good People

I’m going to attempt to put another small ‘BoCheK Tale’ onto this blog site. It should be coming across from a Document file. And the storyline?: It’s a sort of ‘What if?’ Tale.



Hello Good People

re: The 25 August posting – ‘Envelope’. Sorry about the heading, it was simply the field I used to type my short story, ‘BOGEY’. Still, I hope you were curious enough to ‘open up’ and so reveal that disgusting little tale! I couldn’t resist it. A good friend of mine, Maria, my ‘Muse’, suggested the character Cecil Snotte ‘needed to get out more’!!

Smiley’s now back home and we’ll have our catch-up call next Sunday, then I’ll report back to you.

Be lucky!



Hello Good People

I hope this comes through on the blog site. Don’t worry about the ‘Envelope’ reference, it’s the field I used to type up the attached.

Who knows, this might well be the last “shortie” ‘BoCheK Tale’ I write. When you read it, you may think that no bad thing.

That’s it.




The Printer

Herewith, good people, ‘The PRINTER’. I hope!

The Printer.doc

‘The Printer’

Hello Good People

Over the last two days I have written a small, nonsensical, ‘BoCheK Tale’ entitled ‘The PRINTER’. It’s only two pages long. I’m going to try and email it onto this blog site. If I mess up, I apologise in advance. Stand by.


Behold! Is that the forming of a ‘Tale’ I sense within my mind?

Hello Good People

I fear my calm and silence is becoming disturb by the first stirrings of another ‘BoCheK Tale’ within the Imagination Box of my mind.

Last night, having put a new black ink cartridge into my printer, a problem. As is the way, the printer automatically printed out the standard coloured test sheet. However, when I tried to print off something on my laptop ….. zilch. I tried a few times, then stopped. I turned the printer off, pulled out the leads, but kept the paper in. Just before going to bed, I plugged the leads back in and turned the printer back on. I took the black ink cartridge out, then put it straight back in. Once more, it spewed out the standard colour test sheet. That was it. I went to bed. Morning came, I went into the living room and ….. there in the printer tray, four sheets of paper …. each bearing whatever it was I had been trying to print off the previous night. Oooooo!

I await developments.


First Read

Hello Good People

I have just completed my first – complete – read of a William P Thomson ‘BoCheK Tale’ on my standard touch-screen Kindle pad.

It may sound stupid, but I am always apprehensive about something new that I have bought – if it is something technological. Such a case being this Kindle pad I have. I have used it once, of course, but briefly. My ham-fisted handling didn’t help any. I have, this day, applied the most gentle of touches to the screen! I picked my psychological story ‘Brother Mind’ (‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series 1). Read it through, beginning to end, with just the one or two mishaps (when my ‘lightness of touch’ deserted me). On those occasions, I shot forward several pages. Still, I was able to correct immediately and return to the page I’d been on. I was also able to change the size of the print. Mind you, I’d not only read the instructions, but typed them out (the best way to remember what I was reading!) A more interesting aspect: I was able to enjoy the story to a degree, for fleeting moments, forgetting that I was the author of the piece. I was quickly brought back to reality when I read a phrase I am wont to repeat occasionally in other pieces I’ve written. Something else. A little like the principal character in ‘Brother Mind’, I seem only to observe and read this whole writing experience, since being involved with Kindle, from the outside (looking in). I can never see it, read it, even totally enjoy it …. in the original, as a first-time reader to the story might do. A case of he that creates the original never sees/hears/reads their original.

That’s it.



Hello Good People

I thought I’d better check in. Although it’s all very quiet on the writing front, I don’t want you to think I’ve departed to the big laptop in the sky!

It will be a little while until I get my next MS back to proof-read prior to going on Kindle, and my next three completed efforts don’t go on much before Christmas. Also, as said, my Imagination Box is now empty, but not before my Muse, Maria, squeezed two more stories out of me.

There is an element of silence within my mind at this time. Stories gone, book closed. There is a sort of pleasing aspect to the silence.

On the immediate front, I’m about to try getting used to my old Kindle Pad again, before moving on to my updated “White Paper” Kindle Pad. Bloody technology!

That’s about it, except to wonder how many of you, if any, have read any one of my four literary efforts on Amazon-Kindle to date.

More anon.


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