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BLANK. Once again, all is blank

Hello Good People

Well, ‘The Devil’s Gunfighter’ is now completed – proof readings an’ all.

I don’t know if I told you the ‘suite’ story, but it won’t hurt to tell it once more. I had completed the story ‘BLOOD’, and SHMBO had got it on to Kindle. Some weeks after, I had a read of my ‘hard copy’. Can you imagine my horror on finding that once, in the using of the word ‘suite’, I had mis-spelt it S-W-E-E-T!! I mean, there are typing errors and there are typing errors!! I was beside myself, and Smiley (aka SHMBO) was on holiday. I decided to ask her to have removed the copy of ‘BLOOD’ on Kindle, and replace it with a corrected copy that I’d send over to her. Well, in the course of time, upon Smiley’s return, the matter was resolved: she simply corrected the word directly on the Kindle copy. Smart cookie, Smiley. It seems that proof reading is no guarantee of final correctness.

As to Smiley, she wasn’t a happy bunny when she got back from her holiday. Apart from me to contend with, she’d picked up a bug and her laptop had upped and “died”. It never rains, huh. I’m glad to report that now SHMBO is much improved, bless her woolly little socks (if she wears any).

With ‘Gunfighter’ now done, I have to state, once again, that the ‘sheet’ in my mind is blank; the ‘Imagination Box’ empty. Still, who knows, I may wake up one morning with another story in my mind. We shall see.

Keep well.


What’s an End?

Hello Good People


I have finished my attempt at writing a Western. Mind you, I now have the boring bits of proof reading and “tidying up” to do.

The interesting bit for me was the ending. I had intended to go on a bit, but changed my mind, because I was at a point that it seemed to round off well. Ending, I would think, is another hassle for writers; knowing when to do so. You know, not to go too far, gild the lilly and all that.

That’s about it. ‘The Devil’s Gunfighter’ should go out on Kindle later next year: I hope.




Hello Good People

As you’ll see from this posting dateline, it’s Sunday, 15 September. Last night it had been my intention this day to work on my ‘Devil’s Gunfighter’ story. However, I stayed up to see Eastwood’s ‘The Unforgiven’, so didn’t retire to the pit until after one this morning. As a result, I didn’t arise from the pit until just before midday!

So, my gunfighter “masterpiece” has taken a backseat today.

At some stage this morning, sitting eating my Weetabix and slurping my coffee, I got to thinking about a real drawback for creative people, be they bargain basement like me, or masters of their chosen craft. We don’t see our completed efforts as original. That is for the readers or listeners alone; people such as YOU. Such is for your eyes (or ears) alone. I’ve listened to famous actors saying that either they cannot bear to see themselves on screen, or when they do, all they see is what it could have been; how they would do this and that differently, and how the scene was actually set up.

The actors have one thing going for them: at least they didn’t write the words! For us, all writers, we have to at least own our words. Not to do so, is to betray ourselves, and worse still, our chosen area of creative endeavour.

Now I cannot speak for others who write, but can for myself alone. I “hear and see” in my mind’s eye before I commit to paper a word, sentence, paragraph – story. For the best part, that part of the process I enjoy. I’m seeing something “original”, and from me, in my mind’s eye and ear. Then I have to sit at the laptop and put it to paper; words, in black and white. Christ, that can be a slog.

Let me put this another way. An actor can sit next to you, see what you see on the screen, be it good or bad; the acting, scenery, etc. What they “see” in their mind is the memory of that image on the screen being put together in the studio. They can “see” the tricks of “smoke and mirrors”, see the “idiot board” just out of camera shot, to help some actor with his lines. The greatness of the actors and directors is in convincing the audience that what they see and hear is real.

I suppose, for the writer, s/he must be of a skill to make their fiction believable. The great writers manage to draw their readers in, immerse them in the depth of the story, take them, mentally, into a different place, some other world.

And before I forget – the world of the writer can be a very lonely place. Then again, when you can conjure up so many people, places and characters – is it really such a lonely place? Or can it be a place where madness lay? Don’t forget poor old Edgar Allen Poe.

Me? I just tell myself a story, then commit it to paper and hope that someone will read it. That, for just a little while, it will be original for them, and for their eyes only.

That’s it.


Just about at the gunfight!

Hello Good People

Well, I’m just coming up to the gunfight. It’s fun having a crack at writing a Western. The last effort, after a fashion, was a short ‘BoCheK Tale’, ‘Cowboy’ (‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series 1, on Kindle).

Obviously, I’m doing it on my laptop. Six pages completed thus far. I knock off a page when I feel the ‘mood’ taking me, then Save it, and go off and do other things. It is, in fact, proving a little more difficult than I’d thought, but writing it is not quite the same as the telling it; to myself, in my mind. The former is physical as much as anything; the latter more ethereal in its nature, to me at least. And when the story is designed to be short, the words are at a premium: a sentence master over the paragraph. In passing, I’ve had fun reading accounts of the real characters and stories of the ‘Wild West’, courtesy of Google. Do you realise, the ‘cowboy’ lasted barely twenty years, and there was more death and bloodshed as a result of the ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’ than during it!? Ooooooo.

That’s it. Hi Ho, Silver and all that.


Poor ol’ SHMBO*

Hello Good People

Poor ol’ *She Who Must Be Obeyed. Back from hol and disaster; her laptop has died the death. Like having your right hand lobbed off. Mind you, if you’re left-handed, no big deal!

I’m still getting my Western effort off the ground. I always find it hard getting a story up and running. Such is the lot of this writer.

That’s it.



Hello Good People

Well, my very own ‘Terminator’ is back – She Who Must Be Obeyed! Making sure I do things right.

It seems I now have 42 people linked to my blog site, and 781 ‘reads’ of it so far. Tally-Ho!

And now I must get back to writing my Western. Mmmmmmm!


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