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Bleedin’ Ad!

Hello Good People

Sorry I’ve been absent for a little while. This is due to an ad I’m putting together and …. the ‘GEORGE’ stories.

Keeping things simple, I never emailed Smiley a copy of Series One of the ‘GEORGE’ stories, but posted her a hard copy. I had a copy on my old laptop, which “died” of a virus. ‘Bye-bye the copy. One could have gone the scanning route, but it was just too boring. Such being so, I’ve re-typed Series One (I keep a hard copy of all my writings) into my laptop. Well, it’s almost complete. By the weekend, it will be (proof read also). Thank God, my good friend Huwie has a copy of the second and final series of ‘GEORGE’, and he emailed it over to me. So, second time around, it’s just an editing jobbie within my laptop.

I hope still, as I’ve said, Series One of ‘GEORGE’ will go out around Christmas, at the same time as I run my ad. It will be on ‘The Booksellers’ online magazine – ‘wethinkthisbookisgreat.com’. Also, at the same time, it will go on Facebook and Twitter, all for just a week. A key thing is that an illustration of ‘GEORGE’ himself will appear on the ad. So, I’m advertising the work I already have on Kindle, and what’s going on – ‘GEORGE’. Good game, good game!

That’s it. Toodle-pip.


Joy, Oh JOY! (Part 2)

Hello Good People

It’s a case of ‘Joy, Oh Joy! A second time around. Smiley’s back home, much improved. Also, we’ve re-scheduled the Kindle material.

The ‘GEORGE’ stories will go on this Christmas (after all, they’re ‘stories for young adults’). My magnum opus, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, will go on in the early part of 2014.

All I have to do now is re-write the ads I spoke of. Not so joy, ohhh joy!

That’s it.



Hello Good People

How on earth do stories ‘pop into’ my mind?

I was having a nice wallow in the bath this afternoon, letting various thoughts come and go. In a ten minute spell, I had a complete story; beginning, middle and end. Mind you, in truth, I had gone on a sort of memory ramble, going back to my childhood when, at one stage, I lived very close to Portobello Road. God, I’ve got the weirdest mind!



Hello Good People

Smiley, She Who Must Be Obeyed, is out of hospital. Seems she’d had an ear infection. Nasty. She is now recuperating and, from my side of things, she’ll be out of action for a month.

As it happens, that will probably work out well for both of us. I’m planning to run an ad in November, so it can coincide with the pressie season – CHRISTMAS! Maybe people will buy Amazon-Kindle ‘books’ as presents. Hopefully, by early December, courtesy of Smiley, both the ‘GEORGE’ stories and ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ will also be on Kindle.

Yoiks and Tally-Ho!



Hello Good People

Firstly, I have to announce something sad. SHMBO is in hospital. Nothing dramatic, but one of her ears is giving her jip. Hopefully, she’ll be back home by the end of the week. Let’s wish her well.

On my side, I have decided to try and kick start my writing endeavours on Kindle with an ad. The plan is a ‘banner’ type of ad in an online magazine called ‘welovethisbook.com’ (it’s strictly a consumer mag), and belongs to The Bookseller, the trade mag for ….. booksellers! The whiz is, there’s a link-up to Facebook and Twitter, so the ad is seen in three media outlets. Mind you, I won’t put the ad in until the ‘GEORGE’ stories and ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ go on kindle.

I think that’s it for now. Onwards and upwards!


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