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Hello Good People

This day I welcome any who may come to this blogsite via my banner ad in the online magazine welovethisbook. By the way, you viewers of my blogsite over the time it’s been on. take a look at the website. You’ll go straight in on the first page. Look at the very top, and keep looking. Because it’s a ‘banner’ ad, you see it in its two parts; first the left side, then the right. Cap a load of the eyeballs!! When you’re ready, click on the ad and you’ll go straight to my Amazon-Kindle page. It displays the covers of my three horror books: ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series One and Two, and ‘BLOOD’.

Now, for a moment, I’d like to address any who have come to this site via the ad, whilst apologising for the repetitive aspect of it to my ‘seasoned’ readers.

I’m a would-be writer who was, until a few years ago, also a Therapist-Counsellor. Firstly, I met a remarkable young lady, Dionne, who created an outstanding website for me, presenting a therapy technique I’d put together and which I call MIND’SFLIGHT (www.mindsflight.net). It’s a technique to create a state of Deep Relaxation. When it has been really mastered, the ‘mind door’ is open to MINDHORIZON. But that, as they say, is another story, for another day. Thus far, the site has registered just under 9,000 ‘hits’ and continues in its upward rise. Dionne (who I nick-named Smiley), asked me if I ‘did anything else’. I told her about my writings, and the singular lack of success where publishers were concerned. She suggested Amazon-Kindle, of which, at the time, I knew nothing. We entered a sort of partnership; I’d ‘hum it’, she’d ‘play it’. In other words, I provided the writings, and Smiley provided the nous and I.T. skills to do what was necessary to get the stuff on Kindle. My principal genre is horror, although I take the occasional stab in other areas. As I write this, I have four ‘books’ on Kindle, soon it shall be five, as my children’s stories, ‘GEORGE’, Series One, is about to go on.

So, who is ‘GEORGE’? Well, it’s about a little fellow who thinks he’s Saint George – Patron Saint of England; Slayer of Dragons and Rescuer of Damsels in Distress. However – there is a downside: he is but a little dog. There are two series of the work, seven stories to each, with each being a story in and of itself. However, the fourteen stories combined go to make one singular, overall story.

Horror stories and children’s stories do not good bedfellows make (although the Brothers Grimm would give you an argument on that score!). Because of this, the welovethisbook banner ad was dramatically changed at the last moment, and for the best, for which I thank Katherine Duke (the ‘Dook’), Johanna and the rest of the team.

That’s more or less it, save to say that come June/July time of next year, my novel ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING goes on Kindle. On and off, it took me almost forty years to put together. It’s about the transplanting of a living human brain, from one body into another. Well, anything for a change!



Hello Good People

Herewith, an update, as I’ve just spoken with She Who Must Be Obeyed.

‘GEORGE’, Series One, will be on by the end of this month, and an illustration of the little scamp will be both on the front cover and on Page 2 (reinforcement of image and all that).

We are still aiming to have ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ on Kindle in the June/July period of 2014.

Now then, I don’t want to put the mark of Jonah on this, so I won’t say a lot. I have approached an independent TV production company as regards to my writings on Kindle, including good ol’ George. There seems to be a glimmer of hope, but I won’t know anymore until later next week (week-ending Sunday, 30th November).

That’s about it, save to throw a few numbers your way. I now have 52 ‘followers’ to this site, and it has received 832 ‘hits’ (views). The MIND’SFLIGHT website has received 8,779 ‘hits’.

Over and Out.




Hello Good People

Alack and alas, poor ol’ ‘GEORGE’ has been denied TV stardom; at least at present. He’s still set to make his appearance on Kindle before the month’s out.

I’ll keep you posted.




Hello Good People

Well …. well …. well, who would have thought it?

Last evening, I spent some time on my kindle touch-screen pad. Don’t use it much, as reading my own writings doesn’t elicit that much excitement for me, after the first reading of them on the ‘Pad’, that is.

However, last night, I got two surprises, one good, one not so good. I tapped in my Password (series of digits), then up came the Home page (I think that’s what it’s called.). It displayed seven book covers, and the Kindle cost to purchase each one. And one of those seven was ….. ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series Two. Way to go. £1.79p as I recall. Also, and I’m not sure how I got this display up, but it was a little write-up of the book, stating it began with a novella (‘Brother Mind’) and then a number of short, ‘direct’ horror stories. So, there’s a god in Kindle heaven after all, albeit s/he is somewhat fickle (see below).

The bad bit was when I read the final part of the short story ‘Blow’. A slightly risqué item, but with tongue firmly in cheek. As the story was coming to the climax the screen went blank, then up came an instruction as to how to get another copy of the book onto my Kindle, as there’d been a technical malfunction. I didn’t bother, as soon I’ll be on my Paper “White” version. What Kindle giveth, Kindle taketh away.

To close, I have to recall a name. That of an independent radio producer. He was over in England, getting some ideas. It was mid-‘70s. He happened to tune into the old Capital Radio one night, and caught ‘Moment of Terror’, which just happened to be broadcasting one of my short stories. The producer contacted the station in the morning and got my contact number. We eventually spoke on the ‘phone, then met up. The event ended with the young man taking copies of a series of my ‘BoCheK Tales’ back to Israel, and eventually broadcasting them out there on a popular radio station he was working with. The man’s name was Modacai Barakan. What a beautiful name, although I may have misspelt the first name. Months later I got a cheque for a few quid (nothing grand in the scheme of things), along with a little note informing me that in Hebrew, the word BoCheK roughly translates as payment please. Wish they’d taken heed of that! Still, better late than never. It also pushed me to continue writing. Who knows, maybe I’ll get another call ….. some day.

That’s it.


Sunday 1 December

Hello Good People

I’ll be having my next catch-up call with Smiley on the above date (in the evening).

By that date, I should know if ‘GEORGE’, Series One may have found another media outlet, apart from going on Kindle days before. Also, if I may have found another media for ‘The BoCheK Tales’.

All the above notwithstanding, I hope to have my Kindle Paper “White” pad up and running. Who said ‘That’ll be the day!’ ????

Have a good weekend.


Funny old game: The Strange World of W P THOMSON

Hello, My Lovely, Unseen, Unheard Readers!

As you may have gathered from the above heading, I’m in a sort of literary limbo. Nothing to write, nothing to do but wait …. until November 29th; the day my ad ‘hits the streets’, to coin a phrase. Series One of the ‘GEORGE’ stories will have gone on to Kindle days before.

My health doesn’t do me too many favours. Because of my heart, I don’t have too much physical energy to expend. I get low on breath quite quickly. It reminds me of the joke, when a Doctor is asked how his patient died, and he answered ‘A lack of breath’!

In this state of limbo, it gives me time to think (not always a good idea). I think we (myself and Smiley) have been involved in this Kindle ‘partnership’ for a few years. To the best of my knowledge, no one has yet bought one of my four ‘books’ on the system. However, it’s hard to buy something you don’t know is there to be bought. That’s why I’m hoping my ad will elicit some response.

Talking of which …… RESPONSE. I find this blogging slightly weird. I send out, nothing comes back. The only way I know someone is out there, is because Smiley gets the tech information, as she is the ‘source’ of the writings to Kindle (she puts ‘em on for me!). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning, it’s just weird. Like playing tennis with an unseen opponent. The only reason I know they’re there is because the ball keeps coming back!

One thing I do enjoy, and find very useful blogging away, is that I can pause, think and then actually articulate my thoughts via the written word.

Like I say, Funny old game.



Right, Good Peeps!

We now come to the fourth and final ‘book’ I have on Kindle to this date: ‘BLOOD’.

I wanted to write a mood piece, simply to please myself. I won’t bore you with all the details, suffice to say I picked the subject of blood. In construction, I had to have a story (a beginning, middle and end), but at a point, an uninterrupted verbalisation of a person’s thought; by way of an uninterrupted soliloquy. And what sort of story could I weave around blood? I needed to know a little about the subject, so visited the Google search engine. I couldn’t believe what I found. People with a fixation (expressed in various ways, mental and physical) about blood, are generally referred to as Sanguinarians. This I knew. To those who actually like to drink blood (human in particular), or allow others to drink theirs, a Psychiatrist gave to their state, their condition, a label (no change there, then), calling it ‘the Renfield Syndrome’. This I did not know. I had my route in. And how! Did I have any term of reference as to style? Only where the soliloquy was concerned. I remember well the Poe-Corman-Price films; that’s Edgar Allan Poe (writer), Roger Corman (Director) and the late, great Vincent Price. The latter was born to speak the words of Poe’s tragic, anguished characters.

Construct: The story is in two parts. The first is quite a straightforward telling of a tragedy, having the required beginning, middle and end. So leaving part two – the soliloquy – and of itself alone.

I close by giving you a sample. The ‘introduction’ so to speak:


Alone, to feast, to die. To salvation ascending, or into Hell descending.

Soliloquy from a madman

Thunder rolls, winds blow, rains lash,

Symphony to the soliloquy,

Symphony to the Sanguinarians.

Soon I shall feast and die alone, in a setting of my choosing. The feast shall be upon myself. Before I have had my fill, I shall cease to be. I will be dead, either to salvation ascending, or into Hell descending. In my going, I shall ask but one thing of those that see, hear or read of my affliction, and all who so suffer; make known to the world at large the nature of our state.

Where to begin? Fate? Yes, truly so. A power beyond us all, predetermining events, from time’s beginning to the end of time. I believe the fate that has befallen me, and those of my kind, were of Lucifer’s design. For who but he could have created such? And of this, is fate not the Devil’s whore, for who but she could have conjured up such an affliction?


That’s all, folks!


Hello Good People.

Surprise, surprise, I’m back on the same day. I seem to have cleared my desk faster than I thought possible. Such being so, I will now tell you about the third ‘book’ I have on Kindle: ‘ARRIVAL’.


I had the idea years ago, and was going to title the story ‘Belfast Arrival’, because at the time the ‘Troubles’ were at their height. However, I had neither the brain, intellect nor wherewithal to gather the background material I would have needed. Even in spite of this, the basics of the story remained with me. I didn’t have to set the story in any one place, nor in any one period of time. There are many times and places where, in the name of religion, death and mayhem hold sway. I was also beginning to think that perhaps something in verse and prose would better serve my need. And so, many years later, I wrote ‘ARRIVAL’. In the original ‘Easter Story’, the Christ entered Jerusalem. Within days, He was crucified. I set ‘Arrival’ in an unnamed country, at an unstated time, with an unidentified man. As with The Story, in this one, the man arrives and, for his trouble, dies at the hands of those who received him, and was never identified. And that, in essence, is ‘ARRIVAL’.


Tomorrow I will explain ‘BLOOD’ to you. For now …… ‘byeeeeee.


BoCheK 2

Hello Good People

So, what’s in ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series Two? Here’s what:

‘Brother Mind’:

This is a long-short (and also somewhat dark) story, and deals with someone with a multi-personality disorder. Hang on, it’s quite a ride, with redemption at the end.


I’d forgotten, but this is the second time I used the Filly character. The real young lady was quite into ‘The Hobbit’, hence the story. It’s a cautionary tale, warning about getting too tied into any story of fiction.


Two women, suffocating under the burdens of their lives. Then, one day, a visitor arrives at their door. Who, why, and with what outcome?

‘The Muse of San Francisco South’:

I was thinking of a young lady who hailed from that exotic part of the world when I wrote this. An old man is dying, and is reviewing the golden days of his youth, and of a certain young lady. At the dying, there is an unforeseen consequence.


This is a very dark story. It tells of an unholy union, and of a devilish infant as a consequence.

‘Mister Greebe’s Choice’:

Mister Greebe, an old man at the end of his days, lays in a hospital bed, dying. He is paid a visit by Death, who offers the old man continued life, but at a price. What is the price to live on, what choice does Mister Greebe make?


This is a long-short story, and of a dark shade. A fight between good and evil. Even something of an adventure yarn.


How many BoChek Series are there? Eight at the last count.

Who’s ‘BoCheK’? In fact, for many years, it was my pen-name. When Smiley asked who the ‘character’ was – believing he was someone in the book – I was flummoxed. Within an hour, I drew a verbal picture of the man, saying he was a ‘Teller of Tales’. I also changed my pen-name, taking my name, Peter William Thomson, and changing it around slightly, to William P Thomson. Smoke and mirrors, all is but smoke and mirrors.

Tomorrow, ‘ARRIVAL’ takes centre stage.


What’s Gone On (To Date)

Hello Good People

Right, prepare your mincers (eyes, to the non-initiated in the noble Cockney-speak).

It had been my intention to take you through the essentials of the ‘GEORGE’ stories, but then thought to wait until they go on to Kindle towards the end of this month.

Such being so, I thought it might be better, over the course of this week, to take you through the essentials of the four ‘books’ I already have on Kindle.

So, without further ado, we begin with ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series One, listing the ‘Tales’, more or less in sequence.

‘Lovebody and Blue’:

This is a tongue-in-cheek piece that I classify as a ‘long-short’ story. The essence of it being that for true – carnal – love, no barrier is insurmountable; including death. Oooooo!


Some vehicles tend to get pretty pissed off when their owners consign them to the breakers yard.


Imagine that infantile tune ‘Chopsticks’ being played – without end – on a clapped out piano, and by a little girl who would make Shirley Temple puke! Action just has to be taken, and retribution has to follow, as sure as night follows day.


Odd what can happen in dreams, and sans bullets!


This was the very first of the ‘George’ stories, written for a very good friend of mine, Maria, whose dog, a little Jack Russell terrier, was the family mutt, and devoted to her.


This was, as I recall, the second ‘George’ story (although it appears before the above story in this collection). But, for neatness (and clarity) I list it second. In this story, I introduce Maria’s friend, Filez (Filly), and her dog, Butch.

In seeing these two above stories, it confirmed for me, my recall, that I had written just two stories to begin, and later two complete series (with seven stories in each). Some six years later, I re-wrote them for Kindle.


Another disgusting, tongue-in-cheek story. My strapline for it was/and is: There are taxidermists and there are taxidermists!


Yet another, quite disgusting, very tongue-in-cheek story, featuring a Fartomusicologist by the name of Aloysius Gruntfuttock, a post horn and The Royal Albert Hall. Oh yes, and a frightfully messy ending!

As you may note, none of these are truly dark ‘Tales’ as such. They come later. Mind you, you may find the closing sequence in ‘Chopsticks’ a bit stomach-churning.

And tomorrow, dear readers, we will turn our attention to ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series Two. I must also explain my pen-name and the name ‘BoCheK’, as they’re inter-connected.



Note: ‘Van’, ‘Chopsticks’ and ‘Stuffed!’ were broadcast by the old Capital Radio’s “Moment of Terror” series in the 1974/5 period.

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