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Hello Good People

Well, at least if nothing else, I know I have ‘sold’ one each of my five ‘Kindle’ books, as I did the purchase to have them all on my new Kindle Paperwhite pad. It only took me about half-a-dozen attempts to get the last one (‘ARRIVAL’) on. I.T. ain’t my bag, that’s for sure.

Soon I’ll be doing my bit in helping to prepare ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ for its June/July 2014 launch on to Kindle.

Also, God knows why, I feel another story forming in my mind: ‘SERIM’. Still, as they say, that’s another story!

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations.


The journey is all – For Me!

Hello, Good People

In the last week I have had my new Kindle Paperwhite pad programmed in and, a few days ago, had my five ‘books’ downloaded into it. Today I read a few of my stories from ‘The BoCheK Tales’, Series One and ‘ARRIVAL’ …. off my “old” Kindle. It seems when going into the Paperwhite pad, they also went into my other Kindle. The wonders of technology.

In having a read, I was slowly reminded of something I had come to realise some time before. The thrill and excitement of it all has evaporated. That the joy and thrill was for the moment, when they first went on to the Amazon-Kindle system, then into my Kindle touch-screen pad. But …. the greatest thrill and excitement of all was the actual writing of the pieces; the journey from first thought to words upon the page …. in final form. So, for me, the journey is all, not the destination.

That’s it, save to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Hello Good People

As the year draws to a close, the tendency is to look back, remember events, places and people. I’m no different. However, as regards to writing, or to be exact, my writings past, it’s another story. And why this sudden trait of thought? Learning to use my Kindle pad, that’s why.

I’m getting to grips with my old Kindle, in preparation for using my new Kindle ‘Paperwhite pad’. In using the former, all I actually have on it to read are my ‘BoCheK Tales’, Series One and Two, some fourteen short stories in all. I’ve never gone beyond the first few in each series. Why? Well, some were written more than forty years ago! It’s a case of ‘been there, seen that, done that’. Not in any arrogant way, but simply because there is nothing else I can do with them. For me, until recently, it was a case of moving on to the next one. And from this, the truth of it all for me personally; it’s the doing, the actual ‘journey of creating’, that is all. For me, it’s like criticism, in the most literal sense of that word: a comment, to make comment, on something, someone. That’s all it is of itself. However, if the criticism is deemed to be negative or positive, then it’s a whole new ball game. Again, for me, if it is positive, that’s nice (what an ineffective word, yet perfect in this context), but that’s it. What can one actually do with that? It’s as said, nice, pleasant, ego massaging. Other than that, but an end in itself. However, if the criticism is seen to be negative, again it’s a whole new ball game. One can do something: weep, cry, whinge, rage!! Perhaps even learn something, and in so doing, better ones self in the doing.

But ….. the above notwithstanding, for me, it is something done, the only thing left to do being to move on.

That’s my little ramble over. Thank you to those who have expressed, by act of reading it, an interest in it.



Hello Good People

To all intent and purpose, for me this year has ended, thanks to this weekend.

My new Kindle pad is now operative, and ‘GEORGE’, Series One, is complete and on Kindle …. with the happy little chappie staring out from the cover. Take a bow, Smiley!

I also have to thank my friend, Huwie, who suffered the hassles of Hell instructing this I.T. numbnuts (over the ‘phone) how to get the “Paperwhite” pad up and running. Oh, the joys of technology!

In the first half of next year, I set about preparing my full novel ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ to go on Amazon-Kindle sometime around June/July.

So, for now, in a way, it’s a case of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll do a few more postings if I have anything of interest to pass on to you all.

Take care.



Hello Good People

Well, he may not be on his book cover, but the little fella is most certainly on my blogsite. Thankful for small mercies. Have a good day!


Emailing: George (3)


Hello Good People

I hope this posting works out, as I’ve attached an illustration of George. You see, he’s done a runner from his cover. Put another way, he ain’t on it! Mind you, the illustrator’s name is, and that’s good (Finola Stack). I must have done something wrong down the line, but with luck, Smiley will sort it. On another front, I’m preparing Series Two of ‘GEORGE’ for Kindle. It’s also a sort of ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Big One; ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. Good game, good game! Now let’s see if I’ve buggered this up!


The BAD, the GOOD and as to What is to Follow, who knows!

Hello Good People

The BAD being that my efforts to present some of my writings to an independent TV production company bit the dust.

The GOOD that dear ol’ ‘George’ (Series One) is now on Amazon-Kindle, thanks to good ol’ Smiley!

And as to what is to follow, who knows!

As a mangled Mesala croaked to a hacked off Ben Hur: ‘It goes on!’



Hello Good People

Some good news. Got a good medical pass with my Doctor, so I ain’t going to kick the bucket anytime soon.

Also, my ad in wethislovethisbook runs alternatively with another ad for a month, not a week.

As to other matters, I’ve put in my main approach to a TV production company, and now can only sit back and wait. Nothing new there then!

I’m waiting for an update as to when Series One of ‘GEORGE’ goes on Kindle, and I’m preparing Series Two. If Smiley’s happy with my efforts (and we’re talking layout/spacing), then I’ll begin on the big one – ‘PROMETHEUS’.

Good game, good game.


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