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Knackered by proof!

Hello Good People

Knackered by proof, I is! I’ve spent the last two days proof reading ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. It was quite an exhausting experience. Still, it’s over now, and out of my hands. I won’t see it again until June/July, when it should be on Amazon-Kindle, along with the final series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories. As you may have gathered, I’ve had a chin-wag with She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Finally, as of yesterday, MIND’SFLIGHT had received 9,266 ‘hits’.

That’s it.


Hello Good People

I’m in somewhat of a strange period now. Whilst ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (‘PROM’) and ‘GEORGE 2’ are being prepared for Kindle, I’m out of the loop. Nothing to do. Kind of weird, really. Mind you, in the meantime, I’ll read the finished article that’s on my laptop (the copy of which is being prepared for Kindle). I haven’t read it since it was emailed over to me by Frances, who prepared it novel style (the conventional book layout, that is). After that, who knows? Hey-ho.


Self praise is ……..

Hello Good People

A weird little something here.

A week or so ago I got an email communication from Amazon (Kindle), inviting me to pass a critique on a few of my ‘books’ on Kindle. I thought that was a no-go as I’d written them, and as said, ‘self praise is no praise’. So, I passed on the invite.

Today (Sunday 19 January) I got the invite again. So, I thought I’d better do something. It’s the old ‘5-star’ bottom-line judgement first, then the facility to make a 20-word critique. For the former, I put 3-stars (meaning ‘adequate’) to each. In the latter, I made it clear that as the author it wasn’t my place to make a judgement. That such has to be left to the readers.

They’d also put my pen-name as William Peter Thomson, so I at least had the opportunity to correct that, informing them it’s WILLIAM P THOMSON.

They also asked me to give critique on the Dickens classic ‘A CHRISTMAS CAROL’, a copy of which I had bought via Amazon. I gave it a 5! I also labelled it as ‘Classic. Immortal’. It also gave me the chance to inform people I had written a short story, ‘SERIM’, not yet on Kindle, itself a ‘spin’ on the classic work.

So, an interesting way to start the day!

Now my attention is all ‘PREMETHEUS ASCENDING’.

Have a good early evening today …… all you Man U fans!!


A Good Day

Hello Good People

Yesterday was a good day. Went to Guy’s Hospital for my annual heart check-up and came out A-OK.

In the evening I had a texting session with Smiley. As a result, it seems we have someone who will prepare and proof-read not only ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, but also the second and final ‘GEORGE’ Series, so they might both go on Amazon-kindle in the June/July period of this year. Way to go!

I completed another short story, ‘SERIM’, and it’s just three pages long. It’s a somewhat different take on the Scrooge story. Anything for a laugh.

Right, that’s it for now. ‘Byeeeeeee.


‘Bye-‘bye Disney, Hello Dozy

Hello Good People

A weird night and midday today.

As I couldn’t sleep last night, I got up and did some things, then went back to bed. Bad move. I didn’t surface until minutes before midday. DOHzzzzz! Once in the lounge, I found I had a message on my Ansafone. Turned out to be the Disney outfit in London returning my call. I was politely informed they ‘didn’t take unsolicited material’ …. and I hadn’t actually got around to sending anything. It seems standard practice these days that no creative outfit will take in any unsolicited material from ‘outside’. Might as well go back to bed. ZZzzzzzzzzzzz.


The 2014 Plan

Hello Good People (All 55 ‘followers’ of mine)

I have spoken to Smiley (She Who Must Be Obeyed!).

We are scheduling for the novel, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ to go on Kindle c June/July of this New Year. Also, for Series Two of ‘GEORGE’ to go on in time for Christmas of this New Year.

Talking of ‘GEORGE’, I’m taking a flyer and approaching Walt Disney Productions to see if they might be interested. I’m thinking of a TV series as opposed to a single film (ever the dreamer!). I’m not sure if I told you, but the way the ‘GEORGE’ story is constructed, it could easily be the canine version of ‘DOCTOR WHO’!

I’ll be back to earth this January 16th. I go for my heart check-up at Guy’s Hospital. Hey-ho.

That’s it.




Hello Good People

Right, let’s get what follows in a context first. I hit the sack around 11pm last night and went to sleep almost immediately. That was the good news. However, I awoke just after midnight, and was still awake at 1:20am. So, as is my wont at such times, I thought ‘bugger this’ and arose from the pit. In the hours that followed, I had a coffee, some Weetabix, saw the last quarter of something of a cult film – ‘Shadow of the Vampire’ – with Willem Dafoe. After that, I sat at the laptop and reconfigurated the layout of ‘GEORGE’, Series Two, which I hope will go on Kindle in time for next Christmas (2014, that is!). I then read my own novella ‘BLOOD’, directly off my Kindle Paperwhite pad. Now this brings me to the heart of this little ramble.

The reason I was reading ‘BLOOD’ was looking for a singular, yet ghastly spelling mistake. The action in the first half of the story is centred in a hotel suite. I actually use that word ‘suite’ about eight times overall. On 7 occasions, no prob. However, on the 8th, it came out as ‘sweet’! I must have had a brainstorm at the moment of the typing. As the novella had already gone on Kindle, I was hoping Smiley might have been able to get into it and make the correction. Alack, it was not to be. It got me thinking. Amazon-Kindle has been a godsend to would-be writers to get their works out to the public, when the conventional publishing houses have told them – and I’m in this number remember – to take a hike. There’s so much out there, and the publishing houses seem unwilling or unable to handle the ever growing number of writers. Now it seems, such work can only be presented via a literary agent, and many of them have also taken up the mantra; ‘take a hike!’ Of course, what you read here may simply be the ramblings of an old arty farty failure. But then, along came Amazon-Kindle. An outlet for such as I to present our efforts, and be read by members of the public, as long as the offering to Kindle wasn’t total crap. This is the pro of it all. So to the cons. In publishing, the big factor once the manuscript of a book has been accepted, is that of preparation prior to printing, and includes PROOF READERS, not to mention marketing. Also, when writing for hoped for conventional publication, one can use the space of the page. Space between paragraphs, dialogue, in title pages layout. Unfortunately, with Kindle, these go by the wayside. In truth, I’m not complaining. As I’ve noted, Amazon-Kindle has been a genuine Godsend for us would-be writers. Indeed, I also believe that this method of ‘publishing’ could turn out to be as much of a threat to the publishing houses as TV proved to be for the movie industry.

Well, that’s my little ramble over. Soon I will try to reconfigurate ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, to save Smiley a hassle. Mind you, I’m having some trouble at the moment. No surprise. I am to matters I.T. as a virgin is to a brothel.

Live long and prosper!


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