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The Printer

Hello Good People

I hope you enjoyed the two previous offerings – ‘Bogey’ and ‘Serim’. I think a hat-trick is in order, so sign off the treat (!?) with a third: ‘Printer’. I hope that you enjoy, but would not be at all surprised if, after the reading, you will never see your printer in quite the same light again.



The Printer.doc


Hello Good People

After the absurdities of ‘Bogey’, a little something to confuse: The BoCheK Tale, ‘SERIM’.



I’m delighted ……!

Hello Good People

I’m delighted you now have my ‘Bogey’. My short story of that title, I hasten to make clear! You go to it via clicking on the Doc attachment. One plea I make of thee, think no less of me though a heathen in humour I be.



Hello Good People

Well, it’s all a bit quiet this end as the preparations for getting ‘PROM’ and ‘GEORGE 2’ on Amazon-Kindle are done elsewhere.

Such being so, I now intend to do a first …. if it works, and that’s to put one of my short stories up on this very blogsite: NOW. If I were you, I wouldn’t read it if you’re a sensitive soul or have just eaten. Enjoy!




Hello Good People

I had a dream last night that might interest you; it certainly surprised me.

In the dream I’m reading the manuscript of a book I’ve written, ‘The Carvel Experiment’ (before I changed the title to ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’). The narrative is cumbersome, fragmented, not flowing at all. It turns out that was how the novel was for years, as I just couldn’t land upon a presentation format that would be fit for purpose. I was much pleased to wake from that dream. However, what it had also done was to remind me how I overcame the problem. That, in the context of the story, an individual would record the event for a client and prosperity. That it would not see the light of day for some fifty years after the event, and even then, it would be constructed and edited to a final presentation by others. It took all those years to come up with that solution. Hey-ho. Who would a writer be.

Hope you’re surviving the rains. I’m sure I saw an Ark sailing by!



Hello Good People

I feel as though I’m entering the ‘End Game’. That it will conclude in 2016. For why?, you may ask. Here’s my reasoning.

In this year, the two writings I wish most dearly to see the light of day, will be on Amazon-Kindle: ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE 2’ (the second and final series of the ‘George’ stories). Next year, all things being equal, two novellas to go on, each a companion to the other; ‘SHADOWMAN’ and ‘SHADOWS’. If we get as far as 2016, to see the conclusion with ‘RETROSUM’.

‘RETROSUM’ was written way back when (early to mid-1970s). The manuscript went out to The Jewish Society for the Blind in New York. I got the story back in the form of several cassette tapes. I lost my MS copy years ago. Frances will be transcribing the tapes, then I’ll “tidy” up the printed record of my efforts of those many years past! I wonder if my writing has improved at all in those intervening years. Also, the only thing I really remember about the story was that it was a horror story, about everything fundamental being in reverse.

Unlike last time when I thought my writing had come to a close (I went on to write six more stories as it happens!), this time I believe I may well be right. Of one thing be assured, that it happened at all has been down to one women: Smiley (She Who Must Be Obeyed). She who first put the question to me (‘What else have you done?’), some three years ago now, I think. Maybe even four.

The only regret I have is, that up to this day, I have not received any feedback on what has gone on Amazon-Kindle. As I think I noted before, it’s like listening out for the one-handed clap; there’s nothing tohear.

That’s it for now. My little, sombre reverie is done.


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