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Moving Forward – Whilst Marking Time!

Hello Good People

Things are a bit odd at the moment. In a way, I’m moving forward, but marking time at the same time.

Whilst I’m doing a re-write on ‘SHADOWS’, I stand to one side as ‘PROMETHEUS’ and ‘GEORGE II’ are prepared for Kindle. I also still function in the dark. That’s to say, Smiley notwithstanding, I don’t have any feedback from my efforts – including my postings on my blog site ( is that one word or two?). All a bit weird, but fear not, I still have the odd Nonsensical Tale up my sleeve.

Stay in contact with the site.




Hello Good People

I’m in the process of partially re-writing a novella I thought I’d wrapped up more than a year ago. Frances has been in the process of re-typing the manuscript into the Kindle format. As she was doing so, I had a read of my ‘hard copy’. It was then that I realised I hadn’t sufficiently written up a principal character in the piece. Not quite sure why. So, as a result, I’ve taken back the 32 pages (of 100) that Frances has completed, read and made minimal changes within them, as I prepared for the major overhaul of the second part of the novella. I’m just grateful the whole thing hadn’t already been committed to Amazon-Kindle; second chance and all that. All the fun of being a would-be writer.

Hopefully, tomorrow evening, I’ll have my monthly catch-up call with She Who Must Be Obeyed. Isn’t life wonderful. That’s a rhetorical question by the way. No need to answer.



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