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Almost done ….

Hello, Good People

Well, I’m almost done. Easter’s over and I’ve completed the re-write of ‘SHADOWS’. Now I’ve just got the boring proof-read/corrections work to go through. That’ll take a week or so. After that, fun and games writing ‘GOB’, the brief, nonsensical tale and that will be it.

All of this could be good timing, because it is quite probable that as I end my writings, my MIND’SFLIGHT will have registered its 10,100th ‘hit’. Which means I can then go down the line of those to whom I sent details, to find out if any actually incorporated the technique into their existing therapy programmes.

Talking of therapy, I think I need some, as my ‘beloveds’ have just given their manager of 10-months the heave-ho. As you’ll gather, I’m a footie fan, and ‘my team’ are Man U. Okay, okay, enough of the sniggers!

Right, that’s it. Will post again soon .


Opps, sorry!

Hello Good People

Oops! Sorry for the odd individual ‘L’ and ‘J’ letters in the last posting. I was putting in smiley and miserable little faces, but forgot I can’t do that on the blog site. I’ll try and remember next time.



Hello Good People

By ‘she’ I mean, of course, Smiley, or as I also refer to her, ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’.

One of the problems I have (and still do) is a lack of involvement with you good people. It’s one-way traffic, with my stuff going out and nothing coming back. We’re still working on that.

Today I received an email from Smiley, with a statistical breakdown on my efforts/returns on Amazon-Kindle. Here are a few stats you might be interested in:

903 views to my blog site since it started: 588 in 2012; 282 in 2013 and, up to this point in 2014 – 33. Note the dive between 2012 and 2013. L

5 ‘Comments’ in since it all kicked off. I haven’t seen them so far.

60 ‘followers’. I didn’t know, but an email goes out every time I write a blog. That’s nice! J

Sales of the ‘books’ are sloooowwww. L It’s the advertising that they’re on Amazon-Kindle. I don’t have the funds to splash out on promotions. I know how Vincent (as in Van Gough) felt …. and I’ve still got both ears. Maybe I should lob something off!!

The strange thing is my writing is all but over. Will be by the end of this year. In truth, so often the actual journey is all. The arrival is just the end result. Certainly not money in my case! L

I think, from a professional point of view (as a Therapist/Counsellor), The Mind’sFlight is the one. At the time Smiley composed the email, the Mind’sFlight website ‘hits’ had reached 9,879. That’s not bad, considering it’s a genuine therapy tool and not entertainment. Once the figure reaches 10,100, I will begin to try and find out who’s making use of it. Also, of course, it’s FREE. The website address is www.mindsflight.net

Well, peeps, that’s it for the moment. Have a great Easter, have fun with a bunny and I’ll catch you after …… Easter, that is!

All the best.


Checking In

Hello Good People

Just to let you know I’m still alive!

I’m still re-writing an earlier novella (not a full novel as I’d stated), and preparations go on for getting ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE II’ ready for Amazon-Kindle.

I’ll be having an overall up-date from She Who Must Be Obeyed within the next week. I’ll let you know the outcome.

I’m investing in a hat, sort of retro 20s style. Well, my hair continues to go on a one-way holiday from my head, which is now more prone to the cold. Well, that’s my excuse.

Finally – try and contain your excitement! – I’ve invested in a new pair of glasses. Triple-focal (as opposed to bi-focal). Personally, I think they’ve gone a focal too far. I think I’ll be asking for bi-focal lens …. but without that horizontal dividing line between the Distance and the Reading parts of the lens. Welcome to the whizz-kapow world of a would-be writer!

That’s it. I’ll be in touch again soon.


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