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Hello Good People

Strange, just a few days after completing my writings and I feel as though I’m in limbo; a sort of literary ‘cold turkey’. I’ve cleaned the flat, so that’s that. Next week I’ll begin checking out MIND’SFLIGHT. I certainly won’t be watching England play football, not that they really did in their two fateful games. Of course, there’s Murray at Wimbledon, but let’s not go there.

That’s it for now. If any of you want to pass comment, you can reach me on fox.pro I’ll let you know when ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’and ‘GEORGE 2’ goes on Kindle.



A change is as good as a rest

Hello Good People

What moron came up with that little pearl of wisdom?

In the last few weeks, I have taken a break from my literary labours. I purchased a super vacuum cleaner and set about cleaning my flat, which had much need of such action. Nearly bloody killed me. Perhaps I should stick to writing – and let the critics kill me!

Strange to tell, things seem to be coming to conclusions. Writings done, Mind’sFlight website passed the 10,000 ‘hits’ mark, flat sorted. Mind you, there is that last thing to do; try and find out who is using Mind’sFlight as it’s meant to be used, as a therapy ‘tool’.

Well, more trials, tribulations and angst tonight, as I’ll be watching England – actually playing football. Yeah, right!

Oh, I nearly forgot. Out of the blue, Smiley (SWMBO) set me a sort of literary/imagination test. I did my best. I await the results. Hark, is that a tumbrel I hear approaching?

Take care, will post again soon.


Hello Good People

Well, it’s finally done, completed, and I’m free at last.

I refer to the proof reading/corrections exercise of my two ‘Shadows’ novellas. ‘SHADOWMAN’ was the hardest. Not only as regards to layout, but the storyline also. I’d just about forgotten how convoluted it was. A story within a story, and some fun and games and mischief making along the way.

However, all is done. Soon I’ll be emailing the finished items over to my literary partner-in-crime: Smiley. All things being equal, she’ll get them on Kindle by this year’s end. For my part, I’ll be back on MIND’SFLIGHT watch, finding out who, if anyone, is making use of the therapy tool.

That’s it. Catch you later.


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