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Be careful in what you wish for …….


Hello Good People

And there I was wishing for a bit of action. Went to bed Monday night, awoke Tuesday morning with a real pain in my neck, left side in particular; couldn’t turn my head to the left. I must have slept awkwardly. So, I was up early. I powered up my laptop, to find I had an email and attachment from Smiley. The final, Kindle-ready copy of my book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. There were a few correction details to deal with, so, I decided to proof-read the full manuscript; all 483 pages of it!

As Smiley is off on holiday tomorrow (Thursday), it was clear I should put my foot on the gas, so, I spent the better part of ten hours in front of the laptop, painful neck an’ all. I was shattered when it was done. I then had to email an updated list of corrections; nothing dramatic.

It was strange reading ‘PROM’. Even as I did so, I remember the Jimmy Savile radio ‘Speakeasy’ programme on the subject, back in 1974, and how, over the years, traipsing from one accommodation to the next, taking all my research stuff (on the book) with me as I continued on my journey through life.

I ‘phoned Smiley tonight. ‘PROM’ may be put forward to Kindle tonight, or tomorrow morning. It’ll take a few days to be screened; accepted or rejected. Possibly also ‘GEORGE’ 2, although that may have to wait for Smiley’s return. It also seems we have to suggest what category ‘PROM’ should go in. We came up with Medical Fiction/Horror/ ‘HardScience’. Three categories Kindle offer.

Forty-odd years of creative effort almost concluded. Weird.

When Smiley’s back, we’ll home in on the two ‘Shadow’ novellas and have them done, dusted and on Kindle in time for Christmas. We’ll also put on our thinking caps as regards putting an ad on Facebook, to try and tell the world at large about my literary efforts on Kindle. It never ends.

Well, that’s it. And now a Summer break. I’ll be back about the middle of August. Just in time for the footie season. Now there’s FICTION! Aaaarrgghhhhh!!

That’s it. ‘Bye for now.


NB: Three cheers for Smiley!!



Hello Good People

Sorry I’ve been a bit slack on the postings. Truth to tell, we’re very much in downtime. She Who Must Be Obeyed is about to depart for a well deserved holiday. ‘PROM’ and ‘GEORGE’ 2 will hopefully go on Kindle sometime within the August month.

One interesting episode. In the last four months or so, I wrote eight short stories, some of a nonsensical nature. It was a gas, a break from more serious endeavours past. One thing: I hadn’t run off ‘hard copies’ nor emailed over copies for safekeeping/storage. A few weeks ago my laptop went “weird”. I became aware I could have lost everything on it, including those eight stories. Thank heavens, the laptop self-corrected (another story for another day). Thereafter, without delay, I ran off ‘hard copies’ and emailed out copies for safekeeping. I also invested in a memory stick and made arrangements to purchase a back-up laptop. Good game, good game.

That’s it. I’ll keep you updated as and when.



(Forever, the would-be writer)


Hello Good People

I’m afraid my laptop “died” on me about a week ago. However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, of which I know nothing, it’s “come back to life”. Hence, I now call it LAZARUS.

This little drama notwithstanding, all has been rather quiet. My writings are done. As Willie, of the Shaking Spear might think it, the rest is silence. Oh yeah?

Hope you’re enjoy the Summer.



Hello Good People

The old maxim of ‘tell to sell’ is all too true. In fact, to tell is to sell, just as to sell is to tell.

Advertising in the media is an expensive business, so I’m taking a slightly different route. I’m having 500 info cards printed, and getting some friends to ‘spread ‘em around’.

The card has a bright yellow background and a fun “ghostly” screaming face. The text reads as follows:

To challenge both nerves and bowels,

go to Amazon-Kindle and indulge in

the writings of



I’ll let you know how it all goes.


Hello Good People

Right now I feel like a cricketer on 71no. Yesterday was my birthday, and seventy-one my age. God, I wish I had a portrait of myself in the attic!

Last night I had a catch-up call with Smiley. When the holiday period is over, she and I will set about trying to advertise the fact I have writings on Amazon-Kindle. The idea is to do it on Facebook, and also to try and utilize I.T. to that end. How, I do not know, but she may.

For my part, at present I’m enjoying the end (of the writing). It’s a little like the immediate post university period. At some point I will go and take a look at MIND’SFLIGHT, try and find out who might be making use of it. However, for the moment, more serious matters demand my attention; the World Cup, Wimbledon, with the Commonwealth Games to follow. After that …. a new footie season. Oh, joy!

That’s it. Take care.


PS: Don’t forget, if you want to contact me, go to fox.pro@btinternet.com

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