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Hello Good People

I post this with some degree of shame, for I have been a lazy, lazy little B!

At present, as you know, the reality is my main writing is done, and for some reason I seem somewhat absent of mental energy. I should be checking out to see who, if anyone, is making use of MIND’SFLIGHT. Hell, it has to be someone, as the website has registered 11,000+ ‘hits’ thus far.

Something else. I keep forgetting that I have a full set of cassette tapes that make up one complete copy of my book manuscript ‘RETROSUM’; 13 sides of C30 tapes in all. I’ve just got to get my scrawny little butt in gear and purchase a small cassette player to play the stuff. It will be the first time in some 40 years since I’ve “read” the piece.

I’ll hopefully speak to Smiley this weekend, and find out if she’s back online yet.

That’s it for now. Hope I didn’t get you too excited. Lol!



Hello Good People

Just got off the ‘phone to She Who Must Be Obeyed. Not a happy soul, as she’s still offline. It’s all down to Sky/BT, so next week she’ll be putting a bit of stick about.

Because of this technical hiccup, we’ve had to re-jig the Kindle schedule. So, ‘GEORGE’ 2 will go out in time for Christmas, but the two ‘SHADOW’ novellas will have to wait until the first quarter of next year. Smiley will also do some necessary corrections on ‘PROM’ before the year’s out. Hey-ho.

That’s it, really. Just think, Christmas is just around the corner. AARRGGHHHHH!!!!



Hello Good People

Weird times at the moment. Poor ol’ Smiley’s offline and having to kick her heels until it’s sorted. I’m in a sort of lazy phase; writings done, but not of a frame of mind to begin trying to find out who has been checking out my MIND’SFLIGHT website. With 11,000-plus ‘hits’, it has to be someone!

Weirdest of all, my synopsis of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ never reached HarperCollins. Seems the package came open in transit, so Royal Mail used the s.a.e. to get the contents back to me. Perhaps it’s God trying to tell me something! Still, on this I’m deaf, so I’m sending the item back out. Hopefully, second time lucky. After all, getting a rejection is one thing, but the “masterpiece” not even getting to the publisher????? Hey-ho.


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