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Hello Good People

I went to bed last night, with nothing of note within my mind. I lay there and, eventually, passed into sleep. At some point, I either came up towards a semi-conscious state, or side-footed myself into the MINDHORIZON state. I was aware I was trying very hard to remember where a copy of a short story I’d written years before might be. There was a problem; I couldn’t remember the title of the story, but did recall the essential storyline and that it might be of some immediate use to me. The last thing I remember on that tract was where I might probably find it. I have a box that contains all the stories I’ve written. And that was it.

Morning. I got up knowing one task I had was to go to my box of stories and go through it, remembering the basic details of the tale. The latest literary effort was on top of the pile, and I knew the earliest would be at the bottom. Even so, I checked out each title. Sure enough, the last labelled envelope, at the bottom of the pile, contained what I was looking for: the short story ‘SLEEPER’.

And the why of all of this? The storyline has a certain echo of what I’m set to write: MINDHORIZON.

Weird or what?


The Urge Is Now MOVEMENT!

Hello Good People

Remember my posting of 23 November? Well, that urge to write something has materialised into movement. I’ve set up a large envelope, into which I begin to put research material and general notes. As I go to bed, I mull over possible approaches, characters, etc. This I also do when I have a long soak in the bath. This is how I do it. No Poe nor Shelley I. That’s it. Catch you later.



Hello Good People

Don’t get too excited. I mean I feel another story coming on, and guess how it arrived: last night, at 9:45pm, on BBC2, I began watching a programme (‘Tomorrow’s Worlds’) about the history of science fiction. One thing came on screen that is, for me, the very best of the genre – ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’. I began thinking about another space – within humankind: the MIND. That within the singular human being there are many, and a myriad of human experiences, a myriad of roads to travel, experiences to encounter, and there are but two portals through which to pass in order to begin the absolute odyssey of the mind: Mind’sFlight and, beyond that, MindHorizon. As to the former, I put it together as a therapy ‘tool’ in my professional time. As to the latter, well, that’s something else again. I’ve been through both; the former many times, the latter but a few times. It is on this latter portal within the mind that I shall concoct my novella.

That’s about it. I hope to have a catch up (‘phone) call with Smiley tonight. I’ll update you once, and if done.



Hello Good People

Well, that’s what happens when you don’t write; me, that is!

Nothing really going on, although in a few weeks time ‘GEORGE’ 2 should be on kindle. And then, well, it’s all hands to the pumps: Christmas, that is.

Take care.



Hello Good People

Had a great ‘phone conversation with Smiley last night. At long last she’s back online, having been offline for almost three months.

Now we’re rocking’n’rolling once more, the second (and final) series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories are set to go on Kindle in the first week of December; just making it in time for Christmas.

The two ‘SHADOW’ novellas are set to go on Kindle in the first quarter of 2015. That, the ‘RETROSUM’ novel notwithstanding, will conclude my Kindle literary efforts.

Smiley is also set to do the ‘PROMETHEUS’ corrections to the master copy within the Amazon-Kindle system. That will please me.

Also, a lovely surprise from ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’; she’s sussing out possible ways of getting an ad on Facebook. That’s her all over. She simply does the deed, then tells me the outcome after. Mind you, she did tell me this time around.

From my side, I’m thinking of having a shot at ‘FreeMind’ writing. A sort of literary ‘stream of consciousness’. I just sit at the laptop, facing a blank screen, then simply type anything that comes into my head. It could be absolute crap or simply nothing at all. I may also try something I haven’t attempted for quite awhile; MindHorizon, using it as a means to get the creative juices flowing. Hey-ho.

That’s it. Bet you can’t wait for Christmas. Aarrgghhhhhhh!!


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