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Hello Good People

How about this, like the number 7 bus: you don’t see one for an hour, then three or four turn up together, ho, ho, ho.

Once I decided to write a fictional piece, entitled ‘MINDHORIZON’, around the genuine (if somewhat theoretical aspect of the extreme possibilities of MIND’SFLIGHT), I must confess I began to feel a little like the Roman god Saturn ….. feasting upon one of his children! Meaty and nice, but not quite right.

Well, it’s back to the meal!



Onward and Upwards!

Hello Good People

‘GEORGE’ 2’s arrival on Kindle has been delayed ever so slightly. Me jumping the gun I fear, but it should be on before the year’s end.

On another front, I progress with putting together my next story – ‘MINDHORIZON’. In this, I’m employing a technique I first used in ‘BLOOD’, when writing the soliloquy. I do a rough draft of various segments, as and when the mood (and imagination, of course), takes me. When all is done, I put the segments together in sequential order and then I’m ready to ‘write for real’.

Smoke and mirrors, ladies and gentlemen; smoke and mirrors.



What a Sunday!

Hello Good People

What a Sunday.

Ate something that didn’t agree with me, so had a jippy stomach (the runs!) for some hours.

However, come late evening and a most welcome surprise – an email from Smiley, with attachment.

The attachment was a copy of the cover for book 2 of the ‘GEORGE’ stories. Terrific. With a bit of luck, the book will be on Kindle by the end of this week.

I also learnt this blogsite has recorded 1059 ‘hits’, that I’ve written 233 postings and have 82 followers. Not bad, although it’s a little like firing into the dark, as I don’t get any responses back. And for the record, my MIND’SFLIGHT website has now clocked up 11,500+ ‘hits’. Hey-ho!

And then came the night, and another unscheduled trip into MINDHORIZON, during which I “wrote” a most difficult part of the latest story I’m putting together. Come the morning, I awoke, and what I’d “written” was totally locked into my memory; a sort of mental autoscript!

Finally, and it may sound a little trite, to each and every one of my ‘followers’, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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