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Hello Good People

I’ve been somewhat pre-occupied of late, as I have just started trying to get to grips with Facebook. My God, once into it, the time goes soooo fast!!

However, I shall shortly have a respite, as I’m about to take on online course on ‘Writing for Children’! A very good friend bought it for me for Christmas. There’s a certain irony here. The only kids’ stories I’ve written have been the ‘GEORGE’ stories, and now they’re safely on Kindle. Still, one is never too old to learn, although as horror is my preferred genre, it may prove a little awkward. I shall remember the Brothers Grimm as I toil in the literary fields.

That’s about it for now. I will settle for an afternoon of TeleSport: it’s called keeping fit …. via an armchair!



A Change of Plan

Hello Good People

There’s been a change of plan. I’m putting my proposed ‘MINDHORIZON’ novella on the back burner. My last “book” for Kindle in 2015 will be a third collection of ‘BoCheK Tales’. After all, I began with such a collection, I might as well conclude with one.

With the time I will have to hand, I shall be trying to get to grips with Facebook, and then mastering an Internet course on writing ….. children’s stories. A lovely friend bought the course for me. Trying to hint at something no doubt. The irony is the ‘GEORGE’ stories are done, dusted and on Kindle, and I have no intent to write another story for ‘young adults’. However, one is never too old to learn things.

That’s it – for now.


Return ticket not wasted!

Hello Good People

Just to let you know I had my heart check-up at Guy’s yesterday. Outcome: My return ticket was not wasted! Also, they were most pleased with my blood pressure reading. I don’t have to go back for another year. And, ain’t that Shard B-I-G!!

That’s it …. for now.




or Things to Come

The above are two novellas I wrote almost in sequence; the one after the other, and both are not, as yet, on Kindle, but hopefully will be within the first quarter of this year (2015).

Both are horror stories, after a fashion, and ‘shadow’ is another term for ghost.

‘SHADOWS’ is about the hunters of ‘ghosts’, or rather the con artists, frauds and charlatans who deceive in order for material gain and/or status, and end up confronting the genuine articles in the process.

‘SHADOWMAN’ takes us into the realm of Jung (‘We ignore our ‘shadowman’ within at our peril’). The great man was talking about the darker side of our nature, and gave it the label of ‘shadowman’. In ‘SHADOWMAN’, the hero of the piece confronts his own, and also in the most extreme circumstances, having brought it forth from his own being in the first place.

Well, that’s a taste of what I have on, and about to put on Kindle, courtesy of Smiley’s help. The rest is down to YOU good people. My literary efforts are inexpensive (once you have a Kindle pad!), and will stop you getting bored whilst waiting for public transport ….. and the journeys you set out upon – when it arrives.

Finally, as always, and never taken for granted, thank you for being a ‘Follower’ of my blogsite.


Oh dear!

Hello Good People

Oh dear, I got it wrong.

Putting it briefly, on Friday, when I received an email from Amazon that showed the illustration of ‘GEORGE’, I thought it was some free publicity. Not so, it was a questionnaire, requesting the receiver to record what s/he thought of the book. It goes to all who buy it, including ME, as I buy one copy of each book I get on kindle. Hey-ho.

For the rest ……

Smiley’s birthday this week. All together now: Happy birthday to her ….!!!!

I’m working away on the novella ‘MINDHORIZON’.

I also have my annual heart check-up at Guy’s this Thursday. I trust they’ll confirm I’m still alive. Hey, there’s a ‘BoCheK Tale’ in there somewhere!

Live long and prosper, as old pointy ears would say.


‘RETROSUM’ Even I’m lost!

Hello Good People

I’ve written two full-length novels (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘RETROSUM’). I began the former in the late ‘60s, the latter in the early ‘70s. You know about ‘PROM’, so let’s deal with ‘RETROSUM’ (‘RET’).

Once I’d written it, I sent a copy of the manuscript out to The Jewish Society for the Blind in New York (along with a batch of ‘The BoCheK Tales’). In due course, I got two sets of cassettes back (15 sides to each set in total). They were the audio copies of the book. I didn’t get the manuscript back and, along life’s journey, I simply lost the other copy. However, I have kept both cassette sets. Last year, I sent one set to my friend Frances to transcribe back into manuscript form. When done, she’ll email over to me the completed item, then I’ll begin work on changes/corrections. If I keep to a schedule, it will be ready for Kindle some time in 2016. Then again, it may never see the light of day.

So, why am I ‘lost’? All I remember of the storyline is that a basic rule in Man’s existence had changed, been put into reverse order. Black had become the colour of good; White the colour of Evil. That’s about it. When I can get around to it, I may listen to the tapes, but better, I feel, to wait until the transcribed manuscript is ready, then I can come to it as a fresh new novel to read.

Oh, to a writer be. Hey-ho!



Hello Good People

A sad little tale to illustrate the hassles for one not gifted as regards IT knowledge and ability. Prepare to weep.

I had need of a second “mouse”, as at present I have two functioning laptops. I also wanted the new one to have a longer lead.

Having entered my favourite local Rymans, I learnt that they didn’t have long leaded “mouses”. So, I looked at what was to hand, settling for one nicely bulky little “mouse”. I was told it was wire-less. That piece of information bypassed by inadequate grey matter. Off I went home. It took a sharp knife and much effort to extricate my purchase from its packaging. Once freed, I noted that the “mouse” was sans the lead I expected to see trailing from one end. It was at that moment I had my moment of flashing intellect. WIRE-LESS. WITHOUT a wire! DOH! It had to be ‘programmed’ into the laptop. So, now my very good friend Huwie will soon be gifted a wire-less “mouse”. The following day I went back to Rymans, putting their minds at rest, telling them I fully understood it was I alone who selected the item. This time around, I took my own “mouse” to show them what I was after, and came away with a smaller “mouse” …. but one which had an extension facility to the lead. It now serves me well on this, my new (Toshiba) laptop. Dear God, whatever happened to the simplicities of good ol’ pen and paper?!


Way to go, ‘GEORGE’ 2!

Hello Good People!

Woke up this morning, checked my emails and – WHAM! – there he was – ‘GEORGE’ 2, staring out from an Amazon email, inviting all who saw it, and have read the second series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories, to give it a 1 to 5 rating. If I’ve read it right, the lowest I got is 1, the highest 5. Well, as the man once said: ‘You can please some people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time’. Hey-ho.



In September 2014 (14th, 17th and 29th) I posted comments on my blogsite about ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (‘PROM’ for short). It was shortly to go on Kindle. If memory serves me right, even further back, I had posted quite a detailed account about it. Whilst I don’t intend to bore you to that degree again, a few things:

The novel purports to be an eye-witness account of the first ever attempt to transplant a living human brain into a recipient cadaver; the when, where, who and why of it all.

Thinking back to it, two things come to mind: firstly, the cover of the book. I knew for quite awhile what I wished it to be, how it should look. I had a strong image of it in my mind. A small design company undertook the task of turning it into an illustration on the page. It’s one of the few times when the result matched my expectation and hope. The cover design was by the RedandOrange design company. The ‘account director’ (the link between myself and the company), was a lovely, charming young lady called Jennifer. I ended up putting her in as a character in a closing sequence in the book.

The other thing? That, when it went on Kindle, after 42 years, it was done and dusted: OVER! Elation? Not really, just a quiet satisfaction, and tiredness.

Welcome to the world of the would-be writer.


‘THE BoCheK Tales’: from Capital to Kindle

An Apology

Hello, Good People. I must begin with an apology. At the close of yesterday’s posting, which dealt with the ‘GEORGE’ stories, I said the next look at my writings would deal with ‘ARRIVAL’. Of course, that was dealt with in the 11th January posting of this New Year, headed ‘WHAT IF?’ Very much a case of as the years increase, so the memory decreases.

‘The BoCheK Tales’

The first two “books” I had on Kindle were series One and Two of ‘The BoCheK Tales’, collections of short ghost/horror stories. In reality, I have what could amount to some 10 collections of such ‘Tales’. I have already noted 4 in past postings; 2 apiece from Series One and Two. But … where did the concept for the ‘Tales’ come from, begin? Simple. Blame the old Capital Radio’s ‘MOMENT OF TERROR’ series back in the early ‘70s. Five minute stories of blood, gore and mayhem, that were broadcast five days a week (Monday-Friday), between 11:55pm to Midnight. I got four or five accepted. When my brief, very brief flirtation with fame ended, I simply continued on writing in the same genre. I’ve had the stories taped for The Jewish Society for the Blind in New York, for a popular radio station in Israel, and also reproduced in a now defunct free magazine in London. That was it, until a certain young lady came along; Smiley ….. and my introduction to Amazon-Kindle.

There are some 31 ‘Tales’ still to see the light of day. Hopefully, Smiley will be the torch that lights the way for them to reach Kindle.

Finally, the story of BoCheK.

When the first series was being prepared for Kindle, Smiley asked me who BoCheK was, completely missing the fact that it was my pen-name. She asked me what the BoCheK ‘character’ was like, and also that I should make details of him known to one and all. And so another character was ‘born’. A man of mystery, some other being from the darker soul of Man’s imagination. Also, as I had now lost my pen-name as such, I was stuck for another name. And from that dilemma came a new one: WILLIAM P THOMSON.

Until next time ….. ‘byeeeeeee.


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