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Hello Good People

Some interesting news on Friday (27 February). An email from a publishing house. They wanted to see a copy of the ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ manuscript. So, I emailed a copy over to them. Now I just sit back and wait. Nothing new there then. Another interesting thing. All they had to go on as to what the story was about was a two-sentence explanation. Mind you, it did help that the previous day, the media was full of news about an Italian neurosurgeon, Sergio Canavero, claiming that in two years he’d be able to perform a head transplant! So, Carvel (let alone Frankenstein) comes ever closer.



Hello Good People

Hell, no sooner do I say it’s quiet, when ………..

In the Independent today, and picked up by the TV stations, we get the story of an Italian Neurosurgeon, by the name of Sergio Canavaro, stating that within two years he’ll be able to perform complete head transplants, and that Cryogenics will figure in it all somewhere. Suddenly we’re moving closer to the weird and wonderful fictitious world of James Robert carvel (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’)! I’ve contacted the publishing house I’m trying to interest regards my novel, telling them my fiction moves closer to some form of eventual fact. Hey-ho.



Hello Good People

Things have been pretty quiet for awhile. Such is usually the case between things I’ve written been completed and then actually going on to Kindle. Now, of course, we’re also entering the home straight. However, this weekend, I’ll hopefully be talking to Smiley. All things being equal, two novellas will go on together within the next few weeks, then the last, a further collection of ‘BoCheK Tales’ are scheduled to go on towards the end of the year.

Regarding that last one, I’ve been stuck trying to find an illustrator to do the cover. I think I’ve now found one. We’ll see.

The ‘MIND’SFLIGHT’ website continues to roll on. I’ll check the ‘hits’ total in a few days time.

All in all, I do feel that my particular course has been run, although I’m still engaged with fun and games trying to find a publisher. More of that anon.

Right, that’s it. Have a great weekend, and thank you for hanging in there with me.



Hello Good People

Yesterday, as I reached the closing stages of reading ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, I came to a description of a large, deserted dining room, in which it was described as being like a scene from the Kubrick film ‘The Shining’. I had a real sinking feeling. ‘PROM’ dealt with a major event in 1985, and I couldn’t remember when ‘The Shining’ was released. This morning I went on a search engine to find out, heart in mouth! I was much pleased to see that it was released in 1980. I simply couldn’t remember double checking at the time. Such are the delights of an overlong gestation period for a book!!

Have a good day.



Hello Good People

Sorry I haven’t clocked in for a wee while. I’ve been kinda busy.

I have approached a new publishing house (est. 2006), seeing if they might be interested in my writings. I sent a brief email, describing all 7 pieces of writing I have on Kindle (the full-length novel included), describing each one in a single sentence. Brevity, thy name is PT ….. for once!

Because of the above, I’m in the process of reading the novel (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’) for the first time in a long time. Whilst I can see minor changes that need to be corrected, it still reads quite “fast”, as I had intended. Even so, reading at a leisurely pace, it’ll take some three days to complete the reading.

I’m also steeling myself for pending mayhem in my flat, as the Council will soon be invading – to put in the new kitchen and bathroom.

I also must confess I’m not feeling at my best. In medical parlance, I’m feeling shitty. Hey-ho!

That’s it. Will keep you posted.


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