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A Quandry

Hello Good People

I’m in a kind of quandary.

The ‘Writing for Children’ online course is turning out to be a bone fide course. Superbly constructed and very comprehensive. I’m still ploughing my way through Module Two, which is at least three times the length of Module One. I conservatively guess that it would take me about 20 months to 2 years to get through it, and that only if I pass each Module first time, every time. As I’m coming up to 72, I don’t think I’m of a mind to make such a commitment. But, once I start something, I’m a persistent, dogged little bugger and, unfortunately, an impatient sod! I also don’t like being beaten.

What to do? That is the question. I think I’ll keep going until I know the result of my ‘PROM’ presentation to the publishers. If it’s a thumbs down, I may go on (helps to keep the old grey matter alive). If it’s a case of thumbs up, that’s it – I’m out!!


Just clocking in!

Hello Good People

It dawned on me that I haven’t ‘clocked in’ for some days. So, just to let you know, I’m still in the land of the living.

I’m just gathering myself to have another stint on my writing course. Bugger me, it’s all go!

Onwards and upwards.



JUNE 30TH, 2015: P-Day!

Hello Good People

Well, the publishers safely received my emailed copy of the ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ manuscript. It is my intent not to call them until June 30th of this year; my 72nd birthday. Mind you, I may have heard from them before then! We’ll see. I don’t want to crowd them.

In the meantime, I’m looking in a storage box that contains the original copy, typed on a manual typewriter, that I ‘signed off’ in 1985. I seem to have added an additional fifty pages or so since then. There’s also some admin stuff that’s proving fascinating to me.

Right, that’s it. Yoiks and Tally-Ho!



Hello Good People

I spoke with Smiley tonight. She was laid low for a few weeks. Not well. OK now, praise be.

Now an update:

My two ‘Shadow’ novellas are set to go on Kindle in time for Easter.

The ‘hits’ on my ‘MIND’SFLIGHT’ are now 12,477 and rising. I may have already informed you of this. Put it down to old age.

You readers of my scribbles now honour me by being 97 in number, and there were 160 “views” in January.

I’ll keep you posted on the publisher front. It may take some time, and I’m doing my utmost not to raise my hopes too high. A fall, through disappointment, could kill me!

That’s it. Have a good week ahead.


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