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It’s JUNE!

Hello Good People

Well, things are coming to a head ….. and in JUNE.

My flat will be turned over between 8 through to 25th June. That’s it say, my new kitchen and bathroom will be fitted.

So, come Monday 1st June, I will be calling the publishing house to see if ‘PROM’ is still alive, in the mix.

I will also be having a catch-up call with Smiley on Sunday, 31 May. Her week-long Mayday holiday will be at an end.

So, after a long period of quiet, punctuated by a week of sheer physical agony, re my back, through my own stupidity, it’s about to be all go.

Finally, I’ve contacted the BBCtv ‘BLUE PETER’ programme, to see if they might be interested in the ‘GEORGE’ stories.

That’s it ….. for now!



Hello Good People

Since Saturday I have assumed the gait of a crab, and not a happy one at that. The woeful tale to tell:

When in senior years, simple things are no longer so simple, such as cutting of the toenails. On Friday, after a bath, I set about doing the boring chore. After a few false starts, I decided to stand between the front of my sofa and the glass-topped coffee table, putting my naked right foot on the said table and doing the biz. My balance not being all that it could be, a somewhat dumb move. I keeled over to my right. Whilst I did manage to steer myself onto the sofa, in so doing gave my body an almighty thwack against the solid wooden arm rest, the blow being at the waist level, right side of my back. The greater humiliation followed immediately, as I slid off the sofa and onto the floor. DOH!

Although hurt, that was that. Come Saturday, sore but nothing more. Went forth and did my shopping. Come the evening and the bad news came upon me. My back ached considerably. By Sunday, it was murder. Sitting, standing, walking about. Crab time, big time. As I write, it’s easing up, but still most painful. I’m told that when you’re older, you bruise more easily and deeply. True! I’ve been taking it easy since Sunday, staying in and bemoaning, big time. Tomorrow I have to go to the Docs to get my usual blood test. I shall take the opportunity of voicing my plight. Mind you, not looking forward to the relatively short walk to the surgery. Those compassionate of heart, prepare to shed a tear then – and cease that sniggering!

I now go forth for a long hot soak in the bath.


He also hopes who stands and wait

Hello Good People

It’s rather weird ‘down time’ at present. Still waiting to hear from the publishers, for the Council guys to move in and give my flat a facelift and for the ‘Shadow’ novellas to go on Kindle. But, like they say, patience is a virtue, often sought, seldom found.

On that rather philosophical note, I depart ….. for now.


Quiet before the storm?

Hello Good People

Well, it’s all a bit quiet at the moment, but it won’t last. Within the next few weeks I should know if the publishing house will take on or throw out my manuscript of ‘PROM’.

Also, the Council people will move into my little flat and start ripping it up – constructively! This by putting in a new kitchen and bathroom. They’re also putting in a new heater system and sorting out the electrics. After such wonderful effort on my behalf, I had best remain on this good earth for a few more years!!

I am now close to completing what will be the last collection of short stories for Kindle. Hey-ho.

I’ll keep you posted.


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