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Peace descends, but for how long?

Hello Good People

Peace has descended on my little home, its facelift completed. New kitchen and bathroom, new heating system and two good sized storage cupboards to boot.

Now I think, a peace before another sort of ‘storm’: when I get the proofs of my book from the publishers, but most likely not much before the latter part of this year. I then read that against my ‘final’ laptop copy and make any corrections along the way. Good game, good game.

‘GEORGE’ is on the back burner in the publishers. I had a vague hope they might take it up and publish it in time for Christmas. Forever the dreamer dreams on.

I’ll be talking to “Smiley” on Monday night in our monthly catch-up call. The two ‘SHADOW’ novellas are due to go on Kindle any day now.

However …. tonight I’m out with two lovely friends to celebrate: my good fortune re the book, my 72 birthday and a lovely young lady who recently landed a terrific job. It’s ‘out for an Indian’ time!



Should Be Interesting

Hello Good People

The coming week should be interesting. All things being equal, the week to be will see the completion of my flat renovation and, at the close, my celebrating my pending 72nd birthday. Also, my thoughts and energies will be refocused back on ‘PROM’. Even so, I always bear in mind that the best laid plans, etc. So, watch this space!


Two Worlds

Hello Good People

Well, I’m in two worlds at present: literature and building.

On the one hand, I’m up to my ears in banging, drilling and dust, as the reconstruction of my little flat continues, (new kitchen and bathroom), with my new electrical and heating systems installed, together with a new loo and washbasin. The new bath is to follow this week.

On the other hand, there’s ‘PROM’ (my book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’), now taken up by the publishers Austin Macauley. I’ve had one of the proof readers on the line, and on Friday afternoon past, a long email from their Production people, with questions galore. It’s all go, that’s for sure. And, in the background, my 72nd birthday looms: ga-ga!

I had a catch-up call with Smiley last night. The two ‘SHADOW’ novellas are set to be on Kindle at this month’s end. Talking of which, ‘GEORGE’ is being read at the publishers, and I’ll be trying to persuade them to take a large batch of my short stories and create a compendium, with the covering title ‘MINDMAD.

That’s it for now.



Hello Good People

Well, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ is up and on its way. I sent the signed contract and other bibs and bobs out by Special Delivery this morning. I also emailed over to them my final, definitive laptop-housed copy. God, it feels good. Once I get the ‘phone call from the publishers telling me they have the package, that will be it; done and dusted from my side. I will then have my ‘partner’ (the publishers, that is), involved in the final stage; getting the book published and on the shelves of the bookshops. Way to go.



Hello Good People


It could be ‘game on’. Got a package from the publishing house today. I thought it was a rejection. It took me a few minutes to grasp it was a letter of acceptance and a Contract!

Mind you, as we’re in real life, it wasn’t so straightforward as it first appeared. There’s an element of ‘vanity publishing’ attached. They’ll be preparing the work and will take on the sales and marketing of it (to e-books also, I believe). However, I’ll have to stump up £2,300. Mind you, they’ll also handle worldwide sales (whoa boy! It ain’t printed yet!). I can just about handle that cost. They also wish first refusal on anything else I’ve written. Could be useful.

To cover my butt, a very good and able friend of mine will also take a look at the contract, and I’ve got Smiley in the loop, so I’m not batting alone.

That’s it, really. Quite a day, what with Sepp Blatter falling on his sword (or pushed?). Oh yes, England lost at the cricket, and the Aussies will soon be at the gates. Joy, oh joy!

I’ll keep you posted.



Hello Good People

I had my catch-up call with Smiley last night, so quite a lot to get through. However, first – MIND’SFLIGHT. As of last night, the website has received 13,268 hits. It just keeps rolling along and UP!

Now, here’s a listing of other PT-titbits:

The ‘Shadow’ novellas should go on Kindle late June/early July.

We’re also preparing for the last collection of short stories (‘GONE’), to go on Nov/Dec. My idea is to get it all wrapped up early, so come the time, Smiley just does the biz and on it goes. The cover illustration will be either a detached eyeball, with a suitable comment underneath, or a very, very evil looking teddy bear. We’ll see. Mmmmmm.

The publisher saga continues. Without boring you, I’ve also submitted ‘GEORGE’. I’d told the sub-Editor I deal with about the little fella and she invited me to send something in. I suggested we wait until ‘PROM’ was sorted, one way or the other. Even so, after thinking it over for a day, I’ve sent in copies of the first and the final stories, along with a coloured illustration of the rascal: the dog, that is, not me!

Come 2016, and we’re going to think about how to advertise my Kindle efforts.

The big surprise for me is in the fact that Smiley proof-reads my efforts. As she’s in the world of academe, I’m both most grateful and somewhat relieved. My spelling and syntax leaves something to be desired.

Of course, in all of the above, one thing can blow most of it way off course; IF the publishing house decides to go with ‘PROM’ (and/or ‘GEORGE’). As I think I’ve already noted, come the end of June, I will push for a decision, one way or the other.

Finally, in the background, knowledge that a week from today, my little flat will be turned upside down and inside out, as the Council set about giving me a new bathroom and kitchen. Three weeks of mayhem. Joy, oh joy!

That’s it for now.


Note: This blog site is a bit odd for me. I thoroughly enjoy doing it, but I never get feedback. It’s like all my ramblings vanish in a Black Hole and that’s

that. Mind you, they come from a Black Hole. It’s called my mind! If you wish to, you can always pass comment via my email: fox.pro@bt


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