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Hello Good People

Over the last few days I have sent 23 pieces of writing to the publisher. Collectively I call them ‘MINDMAD1’.

Now I just stand back and wait. Obviously, I’m still waiting for ‘PROOF 2’ of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE’. Like they say, ‘We who write, also stand and wait!’

I’ll keep you posted.


It never rains but ……..

Hello Good People

As the saying goes, it never rains but pours.

Well, in a very good way, such is my situation at the moment. As you know, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ is to be published, and now the publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, is reading the two series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories. Indeed, I suppose it’s possible that they may be published in time for this Christmas. On top of that, I have this idea to put a collection of my short stories and novellas together, under the collective title of ‘MINDMAD’. And, you’ve guessed it, the publisher wants to read the stories. Hey-ho. I’ll keep you posted.



Hello Good People

It’s all kicking off this end.

I was up to my ears going over the first ‘PROM’ proofs from the publisher, when I got a letter from them. They want to see both series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories. Who knows, maybe George will make his bow (wow) at Christmas and ‘PROM’ in the New Year. Watch this space!



Hello Good People

Well, I ain’t treading water anymore, but I do have a wobble, in my stomach.

This afternoon I received an email with attachment – from my publisher. The proofs, of my book and sleeve notes. I’m not sure which concerns me most. I don’t want a ‘big up’ in the notes (not my way), and I’m wondering what the full proof of my book looks like. As you will have guessed, I haven’t opened up the attachments yet. I’ll most likely do so this Saturday, as it’s my intention to read the proofs straight from the screen. I can’t compare directly to the copy in my laptop, as I simply don’t have a ‘hard’ copy. Also, when published, the reader won’t be able to compare the edited version against that in my laptop. So, I will read the proof just as anyone might read the published work.

I also read the proof reading instructions given to me, and nearly crapped myself, being a total wuzz when it comes to I.T. However, in this, fortune favours the wimp. The publishers have the Master copy (so whatever I might screw up, it wouldn’t be the end of the world), and my friend Huwie, who has his laptop linked into mine, will be watching over me. Even so, I have decided to do the proof read old style. As I read, anything I don’t agree with, or any spelling errors I note, I will write them down, noting also the page number (as the publisher’s proof will have a different numbering of their pages to mine). They’re up for it, whatever route I take.

As to the ‘wobble’, I think that’s because it’s not so much mine anymore, but the publisher’s (edited/corrected) version and, as said, I wonder what it might look like, and what might be in or out. One way or the other, it’s going to be an interesting weekend. And what was it I have said recently? ‘Who would a writer be?’

That’s it. I’ll post again …. if I haven’t shot myself in the meantime!




Hello Good People

What a morning!

My novella ‘SHADOWS’ is now on Kindle ….. but what a job getting a copy on my Kindle. The bottom line of the hassle being the admin arm of Amazon-Kindle seem to have set their heart on spelling my surname THOMPSON. So, that was hassle number one. The second was in the fact they still have it in their manner of admin to note I’ve had two Kindle pads, the 2nd being the wonderful “Paper White” version, which has a light behind the screen. So, when making a purchase for my kindle, if I don’t make it clear it’s for my second Kindle pad, it automatically goes to the first one! Can’t wait for when ‘SHADOWMAN’ goes on. Oh, the joys of this modern world: not!

I now stand back to compose myself, the sad old question ringing in my mind: ‘Who would a writer be!?’



Hello Good People

Had my catch-up call with Smiley tonight.

On this blogsite, there have been 144 ‘hits’ in this year to date, which produced 61 likes. It’s had 1,312 ‘hits’ from 433 viewers overall. So, onwards and upwards.

‘SHADOWS’ goes on Kindle in the next day or so, and ‘SHADOWMAN’ around the end of this month.

On the book side, the publisher is in the setting up of the printing side of things. They’ll send me a ‘hard copy’ of the proof, from which I will check against my main copy on my laptop. As said, it’s all go!

I now go to retire to my bed; I’ve been up since 3:45AM. Don’t ask!!



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