William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.


Hello Good People

Well, I ain’t treading water anymore, but I do have a wobble, in my stomach.

This afternoon I received an email with attachment – from my publisher. The proofs, of my book and sleeve notes. I’m not sure which concerns me most. I don’t want a ‘big up’ in the notes (not my way), and I’m wondering what the full proof of my book looks like. As you will have guessed, I haven’t opened up the attachments yet. I’ll most likely do so this Saturday, as it’s my intention to read the proofs straight from the screen. I can’t compare directly to the copy in my laptop, as I simply don’t have a ‘hard’ copy. Also, when published, the reader won’t be able to compare the edited version against that in my laptop. So, I will read the proof just as anyone might read the published work.

I also read the proof reading instructions given to me, and nearly crapped myself, being a total wuzz when it comes to I.T. However, in this, fortune favours the wimp. The publishers have the Master copy (so whatever I might screw up, it wouldn’t be the end of the world), and my friend Huwie, who has his laptop linked into mine, will be watching over me. Even so, I have decided to do the proof read old style. As I read, anything I don’t agree with, or any spelling errors I note, I will write them down, noting also the page number (as the publisher’s proof will have a different numbering of their pages to mine). They’re up for it, whatever route I take.

As to the ‘wobble’, I think that’s because it’s not so much mine anymore, but the publisher’s (edited/corrected) version and, as said, I wonder what it might look like, and what might be in or out. One way or the other, it’s going to be an interesting weekend. And what was it I have said recently? ‘Who would a writer be?’

That’s it. I’ll post again …. if I haven’t shot myself in the meantime!




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