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Treading Time

Hello Good People

Tomorrow is 1st September, leaving just four months to the conclusion of this year. If the publisher stays to their schedule, that means my book will be published and on the bookshelves before this year is out. Weird when I think about it.

So, why weird? For the three days of this Bank Holiday, it felt as if the world had fallen silent and I’d been treading time. There are two reasons for this. For the first part, obviously, much closed down for the holiday period. A silence and a peace reigned (at least in the street I live in!). Secondly, I’m not writing, as I decided a month or so back, I would keep my time free in order to give attention as and when I received emails from the publisher that required my immediate attention. In endeavour, I wanted to be alongside my publisher, not bringing up the rear.

However, come Tuesday and the ‘treading’ stops. The first thing to attend to being sorting out the back cover of the book. Deciding what text will go on to it. So, once more, the band will play on.



Nightmare in Lambeth!

Hello Good People

I’ve just realised there’s something I haven’t shared with you.

Last night I had a nightmare. It was the first time in a very long time that I’d dreamt of something I’d written or was in the process of writing. On this occasion, one of the main characters in ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ butted into my sleep. The tale to tell:

I was lost in some grim area of London, in dead of night, and sought a cab to get me out pronto. Much looking, no cab. And then a strange young boy was pointing out an approaching cab. Interestingly, I cannot remember anything about the boy. I note the cab and flag it down. It’s old in look, seen better days. Something isn’t quite right, but I get in. The driver is a big, tall man, wearing a black coat, and is hunched over the wheel, face turned away from me. He also has rugs and a carpet crammed into the back, and I have to squeeze in. As the cab moves off, the driver turns his head towards me, so revealing his horrific face, yet I censor myself from seeing fully the features. As he stares at me, he also reaches out his right arm and grabs the hand of my right arm. Then, half twisting, half standing, he is full on to me and makes to rip off my fingers in his massive mouth and excessively large teeth. I also recognise (although do not “see”) to my horror, that the man is the same one on the cover of my book! At that moment, I yell out instruction to myself, making clear it’s only a dream. I wake up.

So, who would a writer be!?


Signed, sealed and delivered!

Hello Good People

The front cover for the book was signed off on Thursday. Now attention turns to the back cover. Simpler, inasmuch as it’s down to copy as opposed to illustration. I still await Proof 2. Who would a writer be, eh?

Enjoy your Bank Holiday.



Got It Covered!

Hello Good People

The last two days have been fascinating, as I make my way through the magic and mysteries of the publishing world.

This time around, it was getting together a cover for ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. In this, I was, through the publishers, introduced to Greg, their expert both in graphic design and illustration. My original cover was already out of the window, and I was dumb enough to believe the new cover would be produced using an actor and special make-up, or an illustrator would do the business from scratch. Not so. Greg made use of something akin to a photo library, which has photos of just about anything and everything. To keep things simple, Greg ‘pulled down’ into his laptop some photos, and then, just like doing a jigsaw puzzle, put them to an order, so making a composite (like an identikit) of the person I wanted on the cover, working from my description in the book, and making ‘artistic’ change as and where necessary; the magician of illusion weaving his magic. In barely a day, with a few adjustments along the way, it came together. On Monday, we’ll hopefully conclude the job, and it already looks magnificently ‘horrific’.

To get an idea what the finished item might be like, I ran off a print of what Greg emailed over, then wrapped it around a paperback (a Penguin edition of Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’!). It fitted almost perfectly. So, I now really have an idea what the finished article will, in the course of time, look like. Oh, the joys of becoming a (published) writer …. if only in mock-up form at present.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned.


I’m being measured up!

Hello Good People

I’m being measured up.

I spoke to the production guys at the publishers yesterday and learnt a little more as to what’s going on.

As they put Proof 2 together, it’s very much down to layout and size, from which they will then calculate the physical size of the book, the front and back covers and the spine. From that, what presentational copy will go where. And, best of all for me, the front page illustration. They’ve earmarked the illustrator for the job, and I’ll probably speak to him before too long. Good game, good game!


Whoa, George!!

Hello Good People

I’m afraid dear old ‘GEORGE’ (the stories for ‘young adults’) won’t see the light of day this side of Christmas 2016, if even then. The publishers are concentrating on ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’.

On a lighter note, one of the Assistant Editors in AUSTIN MACAULEY has read one of my short stories (‘Mister Greebe’s Choice’), about a dying man offered the chance to live until the end of time. So, not all negative news.

That’s it.


Whilst the world sleeps ………

Hello Good People

Sorry for the lack of communication, but the simple truth is …… the world sleeps ….. as we who are not in the holiday zone wait on for life, or rather the living of, to resume.

The TV pukes out repeated crap, and those we wish to make contact with are so often absent. Perhaps we should cancel July and August!

Seriously though, I am marking time a little, waiting for ‘Proof 2’ of my book to come through. I should also make it clear that ‘my publishers’ do not sleep, but continue to work, unseen, their magic in getting my work into a readable, presentable order. An illustrator is being roped in to draw, in very realistic (i.e. horrific) detail, the newly decided cover for the book.

And then there’s dear old Smiley. She’s in holiday mode with her young daughter. She deserves the break for sure – if only from me!!

Right, that’s it. If YOU’RE on holiday, ENJOY.


Quiet before the storm?

Hello Good People

All is somewhat quiet on the WPT front. Perhaps the quiet before the storm …. of ACTION!

‘Shadows’ went on kindle a few weeks ago, and ‘Shadowman’ should follow within a few weeks. I’m having a catch-up call with Smiley this coming Sunday evening.

As to the publishers, it’s a sort of ‘stacking’ situation. ‘PROM’ is still undergoing preparation, and I await Proof 2. We are also dealing with the ‘GEORGE’ stories and the possible first series of ‘MINDMAD’ (collection of short stories). There is also the fun of deciding on the dust cover for the hardback of ‘PROM’. It seems to point towards a very grim front cover. The (hopeful) Ex-lax effect cover!

That’s about it for now, save a passing thought: perhaps I should start practicing my signature, and trying to keep it simple, and easy to scribble quickly. O! The joy of being published?



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