William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

Quiet before the storm?

Hello Good People

All is somewhat quiet on the WPT front. Perhaps the quiet before the storm …. of ACTION!

‘Shadows’ went on kindle a few weeks ago, and ‘Shadowman’ should follow within a few weeks. I’m having a catch-up call with Smiley this coming Sunday evening.

As to the publishers, it’s a sort of ‘stacking’ situation. ‘PROM’ is still undergoing preparation, and I await Proof 2. We are also dealing with the ‘GEORGE’ stories and the possible first series of ‘MINDMAD’ (collection of short stories). There is also the fun of deciding on the dust cover for the hardback of ‘PROM’. It seems to point towards a very grim front cover. The (hopeful) Ex-lax effect cover!

That’s about it for now, save a passing thought: perhaps I should start practicing my signature, and trying to keep it simple, and easy to scribble quickly. O! The joy of being published?




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