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Even I Don’t Know!

Hello Good People

I spoke to the publishers yesterday, and their schedule is still to have the book published in November – probably towards the end of the month.

Whilst waiting for that, I am writing what will be my 60th and, possibly, last short story, in the form of a novella. In doing this, I have been reminded that even the writer doesn’t always know what the ending will be. Such is so in this instance. So, for the writer, even when writing their own, it’s like reading a story for the first time. Way to go.


Smiley Has Spoken

Hello Good People

I finally caught up with Smiley, via a ‘phone conversation tonight; the first in several weeks.

She told me my novella ‘SHADOWMAN’ should be on Kindle before this year is out.

On my blogsite, she gave me the latest update figures: I have 292 postings (293 after tonight); I have received 1,320 views (people who’ve read my scribbles) and now have 101 followers.

Not too bad, huh? Pity I can’t get any comments back!

I haven’t trod time in the last few days. Written one short story (of 7 pages), and well into a companion piece that might reach 10 pages. I think that will make a round 60 short stories and novellas over the last forty or so years. That will make three series of short stories collections, under the collective title ‘MINDMAD.

I still await Proof 2 of ‘PROM’.

Good game, good game!


‘Treading Time’ – Constructively!

Hello Good People

Well, I’m still treading time whilst waiting for the second proofs of my book. However, somewhat more constructively at the moment.

A few days ago I was having a ‘phone conversation with Greg Carter, of AUSTIN MACAULEY, and the designer of my book cover. At some point, I mentioned the ‘miracle’ of these printers that can print off ears, noses, digits and other such parts of the human anatomy. At some point along the way, Greg suggested the possibility of a further technological ‘miracle’. It caught my imagination, more than I first thought. As a result, I’m laying out the basic structure/research for a short story, which I have already titled ‘NORMAN’.

It doesn’t end there. Last night, and without first ‘programming’ myself to do so, in half-dream I found myself explaining – to myself – a most difficult segment in the how-it-was-done phase; just as though I were thinking it aloud as I wrote it down. When I awoke this morning, it was set most clearly in my mind. How wondrous (not to mention weird) are the workings of the writer’s mind!

Right, that’s it. Back to the salt mines ….. to ‘NORMAN’, that is.



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