William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

‘Treading Time’ – Constructively!

Hello Good People

Well, I’m still treading time whilst waiting for the second proofs of my book. However, somewhat more constructively at the moment.

A few days ago I was having a ‘phone conversation with Greg Carter, of AUSTIN MACAULEY, and the designer of my book cover. At some point, I mentioned the ‘miracle’ of these printers that can print off ears, noses, digits and other such parts of the human anatomy. At some point along the way, Greg suggested the possibility of a further technological ‘miracle’. It caught my imagination, more than I first thought. As a result, I’m laying out the basic structure/research for a short story, which I have already titled ‘NORMAN’.

It doesn’t end there. Last night, and without first ‘programming’ myself to do so, in half-dream I found myself explaining – to myself – a most difficult segment in the how-it-was-done phase; just as though I were thinking it aloud as I wrote it down. When I awoke this morning, it was set most clearly in my mind. How wondrous (not to mention weird) are the workings of the writer’s mind!

Right, that’s it. Back to the salt mines ….. to ‘NORMAN’, that is.




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