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The Last Hurrah!

Hello Good People

This afternoon I received my third (and final) proofs of the book. When I send back corrections (of which I think there will only be a few), that will be that. The next time I see the text, it will be in a book – my book! It’s a weird feeling.

Right, that’s it. Onwards and upwards!!



Hello Good People

Well, it looks as if we’re entering the last lap of preparing the book for the printers.

All in all, it’s been a pain-free, fascinating journey. And, best of all, the text and layout has remained intact. i.e. As I wrote it, so it will appear. Now THAT’S a publishing company: AUSTIN MACAULEY’s the name, and let none forget it!

Yoiks and Tally-Ho!!


“Squeaky bum” time – Big Time!!

Hello Good People

Well, I’m now well into “Squeaky bum” time as regards the book.

I spent all of yesterday, and into the early hours of this morning, proof reading ‘Proof 2’, and making corrections and changes. Some 50 in all. However, that’s in a manuscript of 68,000 words!

The Production guys at the publisher, Tom to the fore, are superb and very supportive. I treat Tom like a second in my corner. When I feel the crap is being knock out of me, I get back to my corner, and Tom sorts it all out, and I go back into the fray, feeling invigorated once more. So, watch this space!



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