William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

The “Collywobbles”

Hello Good People

Well, this morning I picked up the first batch of my book (complementary copies), and a dose of the collywobbles! Odd to relate, on looking at the final result of 42 years of endeavour, my overriding feeling was that of detachment. Don’t get me wrong, the printers have done a great job, along with the publisher. It looks great. I read the presentation pages, along with the ‘blurb’ on the back cover. Fine. Just fine. I think it’s just the let-down, now that, in film terms, it’s ‘a wrap’.

Phase Two will be harder, as there is little or nothing I can do directly. It’s all down to the reaction (if any) from the media and the book wholesalers. And let’s face it, the item has only been out little more than a day.

I’ve had fun knocking out some ‘Dedication copies’, and my handwriting is, quite frankly, crap, as I have typed just about anything and everything since I was 20! Yeah, yeah, I know, as a former Counsellor-Therapist, I should do the old ‘physician heal thyself’ number on myself.

On the positive side, I spoke to all the people I’ve been dealing with at AUSTIN MACAULEY (the publishing house, as you’ll recall), and they’re very happy with the finished item.

I think we’ll have a better idea as to the lay of the land by the end of the year. Hell, I hope so, or we’ll have to try another approach.

Still, for now, God bless all at AUSTIN MACAULEY and pass me the bottle!



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