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Hello Good People

I thought I’d brought you up to speed regarding my health matters. It would seem this is not so, therefore, cap a load of this:

Had my heart check-up at Guy’s. All A-OK. They then ask if they can check my Pacemaker, as such has not been done for a considerable time. In so doing, they are aghast to learn it’s kaput; the Pacemaker, that is, not my heart. In fact, my little ol’ heart has been doing the biz all on its little ownsome. As more than one person has observed, given time, perhaps the miracle that is our body can self-correct its own state. Be that as it may, come 2 February, and I’ll be in St. Thoms’ getting fitted with a new, all singing, all dancing Pacemaker.

The book? Come again? What book!!?



Hello Good People

Just to let you know I’m still alive; at least until tomorrow, when I have my annual check-up at the Cardiology Unit at Guy’s Hospital. They’ll confirm, one way or the other.

Things are quiet for me, but my Publisher is working hard to get the word out about my book. To be exact, their Marketing Department. A lovely, and very competent young lady, by the name of Ellie, is ‘riding point’ on this; that’s good old American Old Western jargon meaning taking the lead. ‘Get ‘em up, move ‘em out!’, ho ho.

That’s it …. until the next posting.



Written, Unread

Hello Good People

I’m still treading air at present. Still waiting for something to happen. I know something will, it’s just a question as to when. As far as I’m aware, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ has still only been read, cover to cover, by one person, and even then only when it was in its manuscript form. The reader was Damien, at the publisher AUSTIN MACAULEY, after which he suggested they ‘take it on’.

Even I haven’t read it in its published form. Mind you, this weekend past I have read bits of it. Too early for me to read it from cover to cover.

Perhaps that’s the way of it for anyone who creates, in whatever medium. That they never read, see or hear what they produce …. as others would …. simply because they are part of their own work.

MIND’SFLIGHT has passed the 15,000 ‘hits’ mark. It’s offline at the moment, but will be back on shortly, as I spoke to “Smiley” last night.

Right, back to lazing around for a little while longer.




Hello Good People

Happy New Year to you all, and may it be all that you would wish it to be. However, be careful what you wish for …. you may get it!

Nothing to report at the moment, as this New Year is just cranking up and getting into gear. And that goes double for me.

Take care, I’ll post again soon.


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