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Could I ……?

Hello Good People

Could I appeal to your generosity, and ask that if any of you take the plunge and purchase my tome ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, would you be so kind that, upon reading it, you make a few comments, using the link?:


Don’t hold back. If you think it’s crap, say so. If you think it’s so-so, say so. If you think it’s the best thing since slice bread, don’t be backwards in coming forward!

In somewhat muted expectations, I thank you.


Schlock Review

Hello Good People. Herewith, along with the covering email from ‘my publishers’, the first ‘official review of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. Just click on the link and cross your fingers! Regards to you all. PT J

From: Austin Macauley [mailto:marketing@austinmacauley.com]
Sent: 15 February 2016 12:51
To: Pete
Subject: Schlock Review

Hi Pete,

Here is the link to the review on Schlock! Let me know what you think.


Kind regards,

Ellie Johnson | Marketing Coordinator

Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

CGC-33-01, 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LQ

+44 (0) 207 038 8212


Update and a “Trailer”

Hello Good People

I spoke with Super “Smiley” tonight. From that, a few things.

I now have 106 “followers” (that’s you lovely people),

1,424 “views” (each time you lovely people go on my blog site),

372 “posts” (that’s the scribbles I put on my site).

Way to go!

The “Trailer”

In a few minutes, I hope to put the first ‘official’ book review of my book on the site, and it’s surprising. It was via the American sci-fi magazine ‘SCHLOCK’ and one of their seasoned, experienced ‘reviewers’. The big surprise was that the reviewer, one Stephen Hernandez, was himself the recipient of an organ transplant, so his connection to the essence of the story of ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ wasprobably why he had immediate empathy to the story and so identifying immediately to the essence of it. In view of that, I gladly forgive him for spelling my surname incorrectly.

That’s it. Stand by.



Hello Good People

Good Lord, it worked!! Mind you, I’ll leave ‘Super Smiley’ to do the Facebook and Twitter versions. I know my limits.

I hope that now you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll buy the book. We’re awaiting a genuine ‘review’ of it from the States. I’ll let you know the outcome.

As you’ll see, at present you can order online from: amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones and Foyles. Also, I believe, via ebook.

That’s it, I’m back to my bed. Look at the date stamps on these last two postings!



The Poster

Hello Good People

The A4 ‘PROM’ poster

I hope you have just seen it on the previous posting. I sent it sans a posting note to go with it, as I wasn’t sure the whole thing would work. You know me and IT!

AUSTIN MACAULEY’s Marketing department will use it their way, I mine. Hopefully, it will help generate sales. God, it’s a slow process, although in truth, we’ve only been on this side of the exercise since this month, so it’s still early days.

That’s it. Sleep well, don’t have nightmares!


12 February, 2016 04:30

IN and out!

Hello Good People

I was in and out on the same day, leaving with IT in; that’s to say, my new pacemaker. And to cap it all, I walked home (couldn’t get a cab). However, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I live just around the corner from St. Thoms’ hospital (as the crow flys).

So, it’s back to grafting, helping my publisher to market the book. We’re setting about getting a new poster done, and putting copies of it on my Facebook page, this, my blog site, and also twitter. I hope to rope in Smiley on this, as she’s hot stuff on IT!

So, onwards and upwards, with new pacemaker and re-charged heart.


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