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‘Treading water’

Hello Good People

I hate this time of year. Half the country on their Summer hols, the rest (in a business sense) in deep sleep!! For me, a little like treading water.

Ellie (at the publishing house) has just gone on hol, so not a lot is happening. It will be at least another month before I know the fate of ‘GEORGE’, and probably much the same time period before we move forward on the possible connection to the online sci-fi magazine I’ve spoken of. And I ain’t getting any younger! Boo-ho.

I learnt today that this blogsite also appears on the Internet; just type in William P Thomson. Fame, huh: not!

Well, things are looking up. I’m out with friends tonight, for an Indian. Meal, that is!

That’s it.


Cometh the Day

Hello Good People

Still quiet this end but, as I think I’ve made known, come July 29th and I’ll push to get a decision re ‘GEORGE’.

For the rest, I’m putting together probably the last two short stories (interlinking): ‘NORMAN’ and ‘PANDORA’. And obviously awaiting news State side. At the moment, my life seems to be a somewhat protracted wait!


All Quiet On The PT Front!

Hello Good People

Sorry I’ve been lax on the postings, but the truth is there isn’t much action at the moment. Still waiting for this possible interview with the sci-fi online magazine, and the outcome of ‘GEORGE’. I will keep you posted.

Onward and Upwards!


PS: My MIND’SFLIGHT website (http://www.mindsflight.net) has now had almost 16,300 hits.

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