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Hello You Good People


We may be approaching show time. On the above programme this morning, there was a big piece about Canavero and his proposed head transplant. I was in the kitchen de-frosting the bloody fridge (!!), so missed all but the last few seconds of it, catching just enough to get the gist of what it had been about. I ‘phoned the ITV studio and, as a result, my publisher is getting out a copy of ‘PROM’ (which the programme should get today), as tomorrow there is a second part of the piece. So, it’s just possible I’ll either be there to participate directly, or more likely via a phone link. Mind you, I may be invited to go forth and indulge in sex and travel! We’ll see. This morning, it was Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid presenting the programme.



Back again!

Hello You Good People

Sorry I’m not posting so much at present. The sad truth is, this sad old sap’s life is marking time at the moment.

We, my publisher and I, are waiting for Sergio Canavero to get a head …. if you’ll forgive the pun of poor taste. It seems he, along with two fellow Neurosurgeons (Chinese) are still up for doing the human head transplant sometime next year; the donor head being gifted by a somewhat desperate Russian. Go on Google and check it out.

I do, of course, now have a new Marketing person in my corner; Kathryn. So, we also suffer who only sit and wait.

However … to occupy the forthcoming Winter months …. I’m setting out the research and structure for a novella. At least it’ll keep me out of trouble.

That’s it really …… boring!

Take care.


New blood, new attack!

Hello Good People

Well, I have a new young lady in my life; my writing life, that is. KATHRYN is her name, and she has been charged by my publisher to take up the reigns from Ellie, who has now moved on to pastures news.

Kathryn sounds more than able, so it’s new blood, heads down and a new attack! It may involve a more concentrated approach to the social media. Perhaps I should have made it clear from the outset, we’re talking about ‘PROM’. Dear old ‘GEORGE’ is going to have to remain in the back seat. With a bit of luck, I’ll get him published in time for Christmas …. 2017! Good game, good game.

As to MIND’SFLIGHT, the website has now reached 16,690 ‘hits’.

Right, that’s it. Watch this space.


Let’s hear it for Kathryn: YEAH!!

Forgive …..

Hello Good People

Forgive me, as I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted for awhile. Been a little pre-occupied. A little too stuck up my own literary posterior!

The lovely lady, Ellie, who has been marketing my book since it was published as moved on. However, a new young lady, Kathryn, is in place, and more than ready and able to take up the cause.

We’re still waiting for a response from the Sci-Fi online magazine in the US, re a possible interview.

Likewise, I wait to see if ‘GEORGE’ is to be a ‘hotdog’ or just plain ‘dog meat’.

Something positive, however. My first Royalties cheque for ‘PROM’. All of £8 to £12. Not sure of the exact figure yet. Eat yer heart out J K Rowling!! Still, Rome wasn’t built in a day (and who came up with that trite phrase?).

Up and at ‘em!



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