William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

Back again!

Hello You Good People

Sorry I’m not posting so much at present. The sad truth is, this sad old sap’s life is marking time at the moment.

We, my publisher and I, are waiting for Sergio Canavero to get a head …. if you’ll forgive the pun of poor taste. It seems he, along with two fellow Neurosurgeons (Chinese) are still up for doing the human head transplant sometime next year; the donor head being gifted by a somewhat desperate Russian. Go on Google and check it out.

I do, of course, now have a new Marketing person in my corner; Kathryn. So, we also suffer who only sit and wait.

However … to occupy the forthcoming Winter months …. I’m setting out the research and structure for a novella. At least it’ll keep me out of trouble.

That’s it really …… boring!

Take care.



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