William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.


Hello You Good People


We may be approaching show time. On the above programme this morning, there was a big piece about Canavero and his proposed head transplant. I was in the kitchen de-frosting the bloody fridge (!!), so missed all but the last few seconds of it, catching just enough to get the gist of what it had been about. I ‘phoned the ITV studio and, as a result, my publisher is getting out a copy of ‘PROM’ (which the programme should get today), as tomorrow there is a second part of the piece. So, it’s just possible I’ll either be there to participate directly, or more likely via a phone link. Mind you, I may be invited to go forth and indulge in sex and travel! We’ll see. This morning, it was Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid presenting the programme.




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