William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.


Hello Good People

Oops, forgive my absence from the site. I became rather busy, then just plain forgetful.

In part, it’s because I am in the thick of writing a short story, which might yet become a novella.

One strange thing. I had to drop the second part of the double ending to the ‘GEORGE’ stories, as even I had to admit, it was too dark. The good thing, for me, is that I will be using it in the present story I’m working on. It’s the first time I have bailed out of something I’ve written in almost forty years. Mmmm.

‘PROM’ goes on. It is now really in the lap of the gods, the public and the Marketing department of AUSTIN MACAULEY as to how far it will progress in terms of sales. At least until Canavero does his thing – next year – if at all. For ‘Marketing’, read the name Kathryn, as she’s the young lady now doing the biz, since Ellie’s departure. The transition from the one to the other has felt seamless, and Kathryn is well into it and doing just fine. Where does AM find them!?

MIND’SFLIGHT rolls on. The website has now recorded almost 17,000 ‘hits’. It’s steady progress, nothing spectacular.

Right, it’s back to the salt mines for me.

Take care, and I’ll try not to leave it so long before the next posting.



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