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I need a shrink!

Hello Good People

It’s quite hectic this end. I’m juggling one published book (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’), and trying to get another one (‘GEORGE’) accepted. On the one hand, I have Carvel jigging with Frankenstein, on the, George playing St. George with his chums. I think I need a Psychiatrist!

WATCH OUT: You may see a special posting via AUSTIN MACAULEY, my publisher.

Right, that’s it. Stay tuned.




Hello Good People

Go on then, how many New Year’s resolutions have you driven a coach and horses through already?

I’m somewhat busy at the moment, getting new windows put in at my flat (courtesy of the Council, I hasten to add), and overseeing the illustration for the book ‘GEORGE’ being completed. Everything now depends on the publisher making the decision to publish or not, as the case may be. I think I’ll get an answer c Feb/March.

That’s it, really. The wonderful, exciting, fun-filled, action-packed life of an author: NOT!

That’s it.



We’re in …..

Hello Good People.

Well, we’re in; maybe the brown stuff, most certainly the New Year.

I now await on my publisher, to see if they will go with ‘GEORGE’.

For me, it’s a case of treading water and having a deserved break.

May you all have the best of 2017, and may it be all that each of you would wish. Mind you, as they say, be careful what you wish for …. you may get it!



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