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Hello Good People

Whilst things may be quiet at the moment on the ‘GEORGE’ front, it seems the Italian Neurosurgeon, Sergio Canavero, is raising his head (how appropriate) again. It appears, according to Google, that he has scheduled December of this year to finally perform the world’s first living, human head transplant. Oh joy, oh joy!

On a more sane, humanly warm and uplifting level, the ‘GEORGE’ manuscript has started its journey through the production process in the Production department of my publisher; AUSTIN MACAULEY.

You may have gathered by now, that it is somewhat probable that as a result of Canavero, and the publication date for ‘GEORGE’, both may ascend into mayhem at the same time. All together now: Oh joy, Oh joy!!

I’ll keep you posted.


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Hello Good People

Please forgive my temporary absence, but things have been just a tad hectic. I explain:

My second book, ‘GEORGE,’ is to be published, around Christmas time. So, from human brain transplants (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’), to a little dog that has thoughts of grandeur above his station in life …. way above!

And then there’s my hassles with my email system, my two laptops, and salvation courtesy of a BT engineer, a two-hour slog and the replacement of my knackered BT Infinity hub (old hat, old boy) for a very modern Hub5. A what!? Don’t ask me, what do I know!

Add to this, my little block of flats is now encased by scaffolding, as the Council are replacing our windows.

Onwards and Upwards!


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