William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

Hello from me and GEORGE!

Hello, You Luv’ly People!

Sorry I haven’t been too frequent with the emails of late, which will be a relief to some I’m sure. I’m afraid ‘GEORGE’ has kept me somewhat busy, and it/HE will continue to do so for some months yet.

It’s a little like de je vu, if only from the time schedule; identical to getting ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ out. ‘GEORGE’ is set to be published around the first week of November of this year – just in time for Christmas. Whereas the former wasn’t exactly Christmas fare (human brain transplant being the subject), the latter is most definitely so, being the story of a little dog who labours under the belief he’s SAINT GEORGE: Patron Saint of England, Slayer of Dragons, Rescuer of Damsels in Distress Par Excellence and ….. An All Round Good Egg!

The component parts of the book are now all but completed and in the publisher’s Production department. I now await the most demanding bit …. the Proof Reading stage. It does tend to go on a bit.

For the rest, life goes on for this somewhat boring little tit!




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