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Be it nature’s wrath or Man’s insanities

When trials and tribulations come

We shall never concede, capitulate

Nor give our days to darkness and despair.

Through our collective spirit

In heart and soul

We are, and shall ever be –


William P Thomson

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Hello Good People.

A writer’s lot can be a weird lot. One minute working like crazy, the next, seemingly ‘treading water’, waiting for the next part of the process in getting a book together. Often, I think the writing of is the easier, and least complex, in the process.

re The above, I refer to getting ‘GEORGE’ ready for his debut in November. As for my first effort, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, we’re still waiting for the Italian Neurosurgeon to do his stuff; that of transplanting a living human HEAD! Like I said, the writer’s lot can be most weird.

So, until next time, adieu.


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All kicked off ……

Hello Good People

Well, after a quiet spell, it all seemed to kick off yesterday (Wednesday, 3 May).

My publisher put an article I’d written about them on all digital social sites, including their own. I managed to get permission to email over a story in verse and prose (that I’d written years before) to the BBC. Whether they’ll use it or not is another matter. It’s about the Second Coming.

Also, the people who manage the council estates in my area seem to have agreed to putting a few of my short stories into their Newsletter.

All the above could become something or nothing at all. We shall see.

I would say let the good times roll, but they’ve got to reach me first!

Have a good day.


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